THYME, CREEPING MIXED VARIETIES (All Natural) - Thymus sp.  (Available Now!)
THYME, CREEPING MIXED VARIETIES (All Natural) - Thymus sp.  (Available Now!)
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Mixed Creeping Thyme Seed

(P/1")(FS) Z4-9 Thymes will cross-pollinate very easily so we propagate ours by cuttings. The seeds for this exciting selection have been harvested from many of our creeping varieties, such as red creeping, white moss, tuffet, pink ripple, creeping lemon etc. You will get offspring from the parent plants as well as the probability of many new ones! The general heigth of these thymes is 1/2" tall. The difference from our other selections is there will be a nice mix of voliage color, texture and shape. There will also be a larger variety of flower color, shape, size and blooming time.

One packet averages 400 seeds. Thyme seed is very, very small so the amount of area a packet will cover depends on how careful you are at sowing the seed. For planting a 1" space between pavers, I would recommend one packet per 6-10 feet.

I have been asked many times about the number of seeds it takes to plant a lawn and when to plant it. Can we plant it in fall etc. I normally plant ours in pots in the greenhouse for resale not as lawns. So in order to give accurate information on October 4th one year I planted a test plot to see what would happen. The area was 4'X 5' or 20 sq. ft. I used 1/2 gram of seed or one packet of seed which worked out to be one seed per sq. inch. We have occasional rain in Fall so I didn't need to water it. The temperatures at that time of year vary from about 60 degrees daytime to the 40s at night. The seeds germinated in about 2 weeks at that temperature. They were doing really well until the first frosts came which caused the ground to upheave, killing the plants because they then dried out since their roots didn't go very deep. Therefore I would suggest planting way sooner or in early spring when they can develop a deeper root system. The amount of seed seemed correct.