Hop Rhizomes

Organically Grown Hop Rhizomes

 Grow your own organic hops (plants) with our organically grown hop rhizomes for home or micro brewing. Hop plants are easy to grow from hop rhizomes for shade and privacy as well. Our organic hops rhizomes or hops plants are grown organically without the use of commercial fertilizers or pesticides.


We normally start shipping at the beginning of March in the order received starting with pre-order from August. This year we will start March 13th. This has been the rainiest winter ever. We are approaching eight feet of rain since Oct 1st. Needless to say digging hops has been a challenge. We realize those of you that live in warmer states are anxious to get theirs asap so we ship those first with the pre-orders. We normally get caught up to date by the end of March. We’ll work hard to get there this year. You will receive an email when they are on their way.

***Please include a substitute or two in the comment box at the bottom of your order form. If you are just interested in a great hop to grow, put ANYTHING. If you don't want to substitute another hop variety, put REFUND. This helps to greatly expedite your order. We can't tell you how much this will be appreciated by us at hop shipping time!

We can now ship to Idaho and Washington State!! 

We do not ship hops to Hawaii or out of the U.S...sorry.

For more information about hops, how to grow hops and first hand experiences our customers have had geographically growing our hop rhizomes Click Here. We  also created a comprehensive chart with acid levels, hop descriptions, disease tolerance, substitutions and uses for hop information at a glance. Click Here.

We Offer a Selection Of Rhizome Types

  The pictures below are examples of a regular rhizome, extra large, and  rooted rhizomes. The photo on the left shows the difference between a regular rhizome and an extra large. Extra large rhizomes are at least 3/4" in diameter, generally much bigger. Most of them are 1" in diameter and larger. They have way more growing buds than a typical hop rhizome (25 or more) giving them a faster start to a mature set of vines. The photo on the right shows an example of a rooted rhizome. Rooted rhizomes come from regular rhizomes that were re-planted and grown out for a season allowing them to produce a root system, a crown and more buds. This makes them one year ahead of the typical rhizome on the market and more likely to produce cones. Scroll to the bottom for a complete list or check the drop down menus in the list below for availability of XL and Rooted Rhizomes.

A regular rhizome (bottom) and 
an extra large.
A rooted cutting showing root development.

Pre-Order the Following Varieties for 2017!

Pre-Order the Following Varieties for 2017!

Liberty and Sorachi Ace Rhizomes
Click on image for information about each variety.
BREWERS GOLD - alpha 7.1-11.3% BREWERS GOLD - alpha 7.1-11.3% 
British bittering hop developed in 1919. Both Brewer's Gold and Bullion are seedlings of BB1 (found wild in Manitoba)......

CASCADE - alpha 4- 6%CASCADE - alpha 4- 6%
Very successful and well-established American aroma hop developed by Oregon State University's breeding program in......
CASCADE ROOTED RHIZOME - alpha 4-6% (Organic)(SOLD OUT FOR 2017)CASCADE ROOTED RHIZOME - alpha 4-6% (Organic)(SOLD OUT FOR 2017)
CENTENNIAL - alpha 8-11% (Pre-order now for 2017)CENTENNIAL - alpha 8-11% (Pre-order now for 2017)
American aroma-type variety bred in 1974 and released in 1990. Similar to Cascade and Chinook. One of the "Three Cs" along with......
CENTENNIAL ROOTED RHIZOME - alpha 8-11% (Organic) (Pre-order now for 2017)CENTENNIAL ROOTED RHIZOME - alpha 8-11% (Organic) (Pre-order now for 2017)
CHINOOK - alpha 12%CHINOOK - alpha 12%
American cross between Petham Golding and a USDA-selected male. Slightly spicy and very piney. Produces a good yield of......
CHINOOK ROOTED RHIZOME -alpha 12% (Organic)CHINOOK ROOTED RHIZOME -alpha 12%  (Organic)
CRYSTAL - alpha 3-5%CRYSTAL - alpha 3-5%
Tetraploid Hallertauer Mittelfrueh cross made at the USDA-OSU Experimental Hop Farm in Corvallis Oregon. Pleasant Hallertauer aroma. Verticillium mild resistant......
FUGGLE - alpha 4-5.5%FUGGLE - alpha 4-5.5%
Developed in the UK in Kent and Sussex counties late 19th centuary. Traditional aroma hop with a mild, spicy aroma......
GALENA - alpha 10-14%GALENA - alpha 10-14%
A cultivar developed in 1968 and released in 1978 from Brewer's Gold. Great general purpose bittering hop with citrus flavors.
GALENA ROOTED RHIZOME - alpha 10-14% (Organic)GALENA ROOTED RHIZOME - alpha 10-14% (Organic)Jump start your growing season with rooted cuttings.
HALLERTAUER (Organic) - alpha 3-5% (Sold out for 2017)HALLERTAUER (Organic) - alpha 3-5% (Sold out for 2017)
The original German lager hop; named after Hallertau or Holledau region in central Bavaria. Due to susceptibility to......
KENT GOLDING - alpha 4-6%KENT GOLDING - alpha 4-6%
The premier English hop, with a lineage going back to 1790. Sometimes these are even isolated by the area, e.g., East Kent Goldings often......
LIBERTY (Organic) - alpha 3-5%LIBERTY (Organic) - alpha 3-5%Downy mildew resistant variety with spicy (cinnamon), resiny, and slightly sweet flavors and subtle lemon and citrus characteristics. 
MAGNUM - alpha 12-17%MAGNUM - alpha 12-17%
A spicy, citrusy, super-high alpha bittering hop from the Pacific Northwest aka Yakima Magnum, bred in 1980 at......
MAGNUM ROOTED CUTTING - alpha 12-17% (Organic)MAGNUM ROOTED CUTTING - alpha 12-17% (Organic)
MT. HOOD - alpha 4-5% (Pre-order now for 2017)MT. HOOD - alpha 4-5% (Pre-order now for 2017)
Hallertauer hybrid being more vigorous and disease resistant. Frequently used in styles that require only a subtle hop aroma......
NEWPORT - alpha 10-17% (SOLD OUT FOR 2017)NEWPORT - alpha 10-17% (SOLD OUT FOR 2017)
Recently developed American high-alpha bittering hop released in 2002 from the hop research facility in Corvallis, Oregon. Multi-disease resistant especially to......
NORTHERN BREWER - alpha 7-9%NORTHERN BREWER - alpha 7-9%
Developed in England in 1934 from a cross between a female hop of wild American parentage and an English male. Grown in......
NUGGET - alpha 11-14%NUGGET - alpha 11-14%
Yielder of large hop cones. Nugget is a vigorous grower and a high alpha hop. Floral, resiny aroma and flavor. Primarily a bittering hop......
NUGGET ROOTED RHIZOME - alpha 11-14% (Organic)NUGGET ROOTED RHIZOME - alpha 11-14% (Organic)
PERLE - alpha 5-8%PERLE - alpha 5-8%
An early maturing German variety with good aroma and medium bittering properties, a dual-purpose hop. Often used in......
PRIDE OF RINGWOOD (Organic) - alpha 9-11%PRIDE OF RINGWOOD (Organic) - alpha 9-11%
Infamous Australian hop. First used in 1965 when it was the highest alpha acid hop in the world. Used extensively in......
SAAZ - alpha 3-6% (Organic)(SOLD OUT FOR 2017)SAAZ - alpha 3-6% (Organic)(SOLD OUT FOR 2017)
A very pleasant noble aroma suitable for production of super premium beers, with a mild bitterness particularly suited for Pilsener-type beers.
SORACHI ACE (Organic) - alpha 10-16%SORACHI ACE (Organic) - alpha 10-16%
Rare dual purpose Japanese Hop with an intense lemon flavor as well as accents of dill, coriander and white flowers.
STERLING - alpha 6-9%STERLING - alpha 6-9%
American floral hop released in 1998. Saaz Hybrid, suitable for replacing Saaz hops in brewery blends. Much higher......
STERLING ROOTED RHIZOME - alpha 6-9% (Organic)STERLING ROOTED RHIZOME - alpha 6-9% (Organic)
TETTNANGER - alpha 4-5% (Sold Out for 2017)TETTNANGER - alpha 4-5% (Sold Out for 2017)
This noble German hop has a spicy floral aroma and used in European pale lagers and wheat beers. It gets it’s character from.....
WILLAMETTE - alpha 4-6%WILLAMETTE - alpha 4-6%
All purpose, moderate yielding, English fuggle hybrid released by the USDA in 1976. Named for the Willamette Valley, an important......
American aromatic high-alpha hop. Pungent. Used in IPA, pale ale and stout. From all the information I have read Zeus is......