SEREBRIANKA - alpha 3-4% (All Natural)(Pre-Order Now)
SEREBRIANKA - alpha 3-4% (All Natural)(Pre-Order Now)
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Meaning “smooth tongue” in Russian and sometimes called “Silver Hop”, this old Russian variety can be classified as a noble aroma hop. Its origins are unknown but it is thought to be related to Saaz. Serebianka is an all-purpose hop used to develop the popular Cascade hop. What makes Serebianka fascinating, however, is its unique earthy aroma of herbs, black tea and tobacco, rather than the citrus and pine notes commonly associated with hops today. It was tested in the US for twenty years before it was rejected as a commercial variety because of its low yields but for the craft brewer it would make a great addition to the brew with its continental aromas.
Use in: Dark Ales, Stouts and Porters. Excellent foam retention characters due to low cohumlene.
Diseases: Downy mildew – moderately resistant
  • Alpha Acid 3% -4%
  • Beta 3%
  • Cohumulone 23%
  • Myrcene 30%
  • Humulene 45%
  • Farnesene 12%