Heating Coils for Faster & Better Germination
Electric Soil Warming Cables
The thermostatically controlled heat of Gro-Quick electric soil warming cables provide bottom heat that gently speeds germination and seedling growth to produce large healthy plants ready for transplanting. We have been using these to heat our germination test flats and to start our seedlings for our nursery for years and love them! The increased germination rates and the speed in which they germinate is incredible. Basil will germinate in just 2 days! Most seeds in five days. They can be used indoors or out. We construct wooden flats with sand and the cables in the bottom, making them the right size to hold plug trays. Of all the different facets in our business I think watching our seeds sprout in spring is probably the most exciting for me. Each order comes with detailed instructions on how to build a heated wooden propagation flat.

Gro-Quick cables come in a full range of easy to install sizes........