The Thyme Garden's Tours and Luncheons
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Enjoy a Delicious Day in the Garden!
 Our nursery and display gardens are tucked away in the mountains just a short drive from Corvallis, Oregon on Highway 34. The drive alone is worth the trip, taking you past Mary’s Peak, the highest point in the Coast Range Mountains of Oregon.

We will start with a stroll through our display gardens and discuss the herbs we see as well as the ones you will have the pleasure of experiencing with your herbal luncheon. The luncheon is peaceful and relaxing as you dine outdoors under the fir trees and absorb all the ambiance nature has to offer, always aware of the surrounding beautiful coast range mountains and the hypnotizing sound of our year round stream that borders this special place. Our nursery offers hundreds of herb and flower starts and fun and unique herbal goodies in our craftshop and will be open after finishing lunch.
Our menu changes with what's in season.
Example menu:
~ Mixed locally grown salad greens with edible flowers
 Served with three fresh dressing choices.
~ Herb Infused Tea and Lemonade
~Three Choices of Homemade Herbal Breads
Served with an Array of Herb Butters and Spreads
~ Apricot Glazed Chicken Breast with Fines Herbes, drizzled with Aged Cherrywood Balsamic Vinegar
 Served with Home Grown Dilly Cucumbers 
and Savory Quinoa with Herbs and Fruit
~ Lavender-Laced Cheesecake
We offer seasonal, local vegetables throughout the summer - many of which we grow ourselves! The tour and luncheons start at 11 and finish around 2:30. In order that we can give everyone plenty of attention we have to restrict the group size to 24 for our plated meals. Larger groups will be served a buffet style meal. Interested individuals or small groups may combine with others to meet the required minimum number. We host tours and luncheons on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from June to mid-August. 

Tour & Luncheon: $39/person, $35/groups 12+

Basket Making Workshop Luncheons

A fun way to enjoy the garden and take some herbs home with you to enjoy all summer!
Start with a tour of the garden, choose your herbs and pot them in a locally made hanging basket, then sit down to our gourmet luncheon. Offered in June/early July for optimum planting time. 

Basket Workshop, Tour & Lunch: $47/person, $42/groups 12+
Email Emily at
or call 541-487-8671

Healing Herb & Salve Making Workshop Lunc

During the tour we will have a special focus on healing herbs, and learn about how to use some of the healing herbs that are all around us. We will then make our own salve using some of these plants and as it simmers, sit down to a delicious 4-course meal. After we finish, we will send you on your way with your own herbal salve and knowledge you can use for your lifetime!

Healing Salve Workshop, Tour & Lunch: $47/person, $42/groups 12+
Email Emily at
or call 541-487-8671

Herb Vinegar Workshop Luncheons
Herb Vinegar Workshop Luncheons are a great way to take home something delicious and herbal!

Enjoy an abbreviated tour of the gardens followed by a fun and informative workshop highlighting the history and benefits of herbal vinegars. We will go over  the process, highlight some classic flavor combinations, and set you free to create your own special recipe! Gain the knowledge and confidence to capture the flavor of your herbs in this time-honored tradition.

The cost is $47.00, including your very own custom jar of herb vinegar to enjoy with summer salads all season.
Email Emily at
or call 541-487-8671