ANDROGRAPHIS - Andrographis paniculata
ANDROGRAPHIS - Andrographis paniculata
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Andrographis paniculata

Plant Type: Annual
Height at Maturity: 12"
Growing Conditions: Full Sun
Description and Uses: This is the most popular herb in Scandinavia used to fight the common cold, flu and upper respiratory infections. It helps prevent infections by boosting the immune system and also has adaptogen-like properties similar to ginseng. This herb is an antioxidant, which can help protect the liver and prevent cancer and a bitter tonic as well, in fact it is sometimes called "the King of Bitters." Andrographis is used in China and India to fight infections such as hepatitis, herpes gastrointestinal and throat infections. Andrographis has also traditionally been used to as an astringent, anti-fungal, anti-cancer, anti-worm, antibacterial and fever-reducer. 

Seed Germinating Tips: We recommend starting andrographis indoors to regulate temperature, moisture and light. Barely cover seed with soil and cover with plastic to retain moisture. Transplant outdoors after true leaves have formed. Harden off plants in sheltered location for one week to reduce shock.