BURDOCK, GREAT (All Natural) - Arctium lappa
BURDOCK, GREAT (All Natural) - Arctium lappa
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Great Burdock Seed
Arctium lappa

Plant Type: Biennial
Height at Maturity: 10'
Growing Conditions: Full Sun or Part Shade

Description and Uses: Native to Eurasia and naturalized in North America. This species of burdock is cultivated as a vegetable in Japan where it is known as 'Gobo'. The slender roots are eaten when 2' feet long or less. Used in Essiac tea. We also sell this as a dried bulk herb

Seed Germinating Tips: Pre-chill seed in refrigerator in moist soil or between damp paper towels in a plastic bag for 3-4 weeks.  You can also direct sow seeds in fall. Plant seed 1/4" deep. Harvest root first year. 

Approximately 50 seeds per pack

Out of Stock for 2021