Health and Healing
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AMARANTH, GRAIN (All Natural) - Amaranthus hypochondriacusAMARANTH, GRAIN (All Natural) - Amaranthus hypochondriacus
ANGELICA (All Natural) - Angelica archangelicaANGELICA (All Natural) - Angelica archangelica
ARNICA, EUROPEAN (All Natural) - Arnica montanaARNICA, EUROPEAN (All Natural) - Arnica montana

ASHWAGANDHA (All Natural) - Withania somniferaASHWAGANDHA (All Natural) - Withania somnifera
ASTRAGALUS, CHINESE MILKVETCH (Huang Qi) Astragalus membranaceusASTRAGALUS, CHINESE MILKVETCH (Huang Qi) Astragalus membranaceus
BASIL, SACRED or TULSI (All Natural) - O. SanctumBASIL, SACRED or TULSI (All Natural) - O. Sanctum

CALENDULA or POT MARIGOLD (All Natural) - Calendula officinalisCALENDULA or POT MARIGOLD (All Natural) - Calendula officinalis

CATNIP (All Natural) - Nepeta catariaCATNIP (All Natural) - Nepeta cataria

CATNIP, JAPANESE - Schizonepeta tenuifoliaCATNIP, JAPANESE - Schizonepeta tenuifolia
CHAMOMILE, ROMAN (All Natural) - Anthemis nobilisCHAMOMILE,  ROMAN (All Natural) - Anthemis nobilis
CHAMOMILE, GERMAN (All Natural) - Matricaria recutitaCHAMOMILE, GERMAN (All Natural) - Matricaria recutita

CHASTE TREE* - Vitex agnus castusCHASTE TREE* - Vitex agnus castus
ECHINACEA, ANGUSTIFOLIA (All Natural) - E. angustifolia(SOLD OUT)ECHINACEA, ANGUSTIFOLIA (All Natural) - E. angustifolia(SOLD OUT)

ECHINACEA, PURPUREA (All Natural) - E. purpureaECHINACEA, PURPUREA (All Natural) - E. purpurea

ELDERBERRY (All Natural) - Sambucus ceruleaELDERBERRY (All Natural) - Sambucus cerulea

ELECAMPAGNE (All Natural) - Inula heleniumELECAMPAGNE (All Natural) - Inula helenium

EPAZOTE, RED - Chenopodium ambrosiodesEPAZOTE, RED - Chenopodium ambrosiodes
GUMPLANT - Grindelia robustaGUMPLANT - Grindelia robusta
Healing Garden Herbs CollectionHealing Garden Herbs Collection

Because of the renewed interest in healing through traditional herbal medicine, many people are adding a medicinal section to their garden. This is a selection of easy to grow medicinal herbs.

HOREHOUND, WHITE (All Natural) - Marrubium vulgareHOREHOUND, WHITE (All Natural) - Marrubium vulgare

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