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AGRIMONY (All Natural) - Agrimonia eupatoriaAGRIMONY (All Natural) - Agrimonia eupatoria
AMARANTH, Hopi Red Dye (All Natural) - Amaranthus cruentus x A. powelliiAMARANTH, Hopi Red Dye (All Natural) - Amaranthus cruentus x A. powellii
BUGLOSS (All Natural) - Anchusa officinalisBUGLOSS (All Natural) - Anchusa officinalis
CALENDULA or POT MARIGOLD (All Natural) - Calendula officinalisCALENDULA or POT MARIGOLD (All Natural) - Calendula officinalis

CALLIOPSIS (All Natural) - Coreopsis tinctoriaCALLIOPSIS (All Natural) - Coreopsis tinctoria

COTTON (All Natural) - Gossypium mexicanum (hirsutum)COTTON (All Natural) - Gossypium mexicanum (hirsutum)

Dyer's Herb CollectionDyer's Herb Collection

Creating a more colorful world through homegrown and hand made dye is a wonderful experience. We've selected our top dye plants that are easiest to grow, the simplest to work with, and provide a wide range of colors.  

Edible Flower CollectionEdible Flower Collection
This group of plants make a lovely addition of edible flowers to the summer garden and are easy to grow and fun to use.
FLAX, FIBRE (All Natural) - Linum usitatissimumFLAX, FIBRE (All Natural) - Linum usitatissimum

GIPSYWORT (All Natural) - Lycopus europeausGIPSYWORT (All Natural) - Lycopus europeaus

GOLDEN MARGUERITE (All Natural) - Anthemis tinctoriaGOLDEN MARGUERITE (All Natural) - Anthemis tinctoria

GOLDENROD (All Natural) - Solidago canadensis var.GOLDENROD (All Natural) - Solidago canadensis var.
GOLDENROD, DWARF (All Natural) - Solidago virgaureaGOLDENROD, DWARF (All Natural) - Solidago virgaurea
LADY'S BEDSTRAW (All Natural) - Galium verumLADY'S BEDSTRAW (All Natural) - Galium verum

MEADOWSWEET (All Natural) - Filipendula vulgarisMEADOWSWEET (All Natural) - Filipendula vulgaris

ORRIS ROOT POWDER - Iris germanica var. florentina - 2OZ.ORRIS ROOT POWDER - Iris germanica var. florentina - 2OZ.
POKEWEED (All Natural) - Phytolacca americanaPOKEWEED (All Natural) - Phytolacca americana

SAFFLOWER, FALSE SAFFRON (All Natural) - Carthamus tinctoriusSAFFLOWER, FALSE SAFFRON (All Natural) - Carthamus  tinctorius
SOAPWORT (All Natural) - Saponaria officinalisSOAPWORT (All Natural) - Saponaria officinalis

TANSY (All Natural) - Tanacetum vulgareTANSY (All Natural) - Tanacetum vulgare

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