Everlasting Herbs Collection
Everlasting Herbs Collection
Everlasting SeedsBaby's BreathGlobe ThistleFlamingo FeatherNigellaStaticeStrawflower
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Everlasting flowers are a fascinating and rewarding variety of plants to grow. They offer their beauty beyond the experience of one growing season, into the winter, after the other flowers have faded and died. The plants chosen for this collection can be used for arrangements and crafts that will be enjoyed for years. We've selected our top six choices for ease of growing and drying and their wide range of colors. Seed starting tips, growing instructions and plant profiles included as well as basic drying instructions.

Each variety is individually packed and contains at least 30 seeds.

Collection includes...
Baby's Breath,  Blue Globe Thistle, Flamingo Feather, Nigella, Statice, Strawflower