Exotic Flowers
 Add a Little of the Uncommon to Your Garden
 Our Exotic Flower collection consists of favorite herbs and flowers selected for their bright colors, interesting foliage or unique growth habit. They add a little spark among the green of the herb garden.
   The salvias are especially nice in the fall when most of the other blooms are done and are hardy until the first hard frost. Many of these also make great cut flowers such as the zulu, godetia, gayfeather and flamingo feather, and invite you to bring a little of the outside inside.

ADONIS (All Natural) - Adonis aestivalisADONIS (All Natural) - Adonis aestivalis
AMARANTH (All Natural) - Love-Lies-BleedingAMARANTH (All Natural) - Love-Lies-Bleeding

BALLOON FLOWER, BLUE (All Natural) Jie Geng - Platycodon grandifloraBALLOON FLOWER, BLUE (All Natural) Jie Geng - Platycodon grandiflora

BALLOON FLOWER, PINK (All Natural) - Platycodon grandifloraBALLOON FLOWER, PINK (All Natural) - Platycodon grandiflora

BEAN, HYACINTH - Lablab purpureus (Dolichos lablab)BEAN, HYACINTH - Lablab purpureus (Dolichos lablab)

BEAN, SCARLET RUNNER (All Natural) - Phaseolus coccineusBEAN, SCARLET RUNNER (All Natural) - Phaseolus coccineus

BERGAMOT, BEEBALM (All Natural) - Monarda didymaBERGAMOT, BEEBALM (All Natural) - Monarda didyma

BERGAMOT, RED BEEBALM - Monarda didyma cv.(SOLD OUT)BERGAMOT, RED BEEBALM - Monarda didyma cv.(SOLD OUT)
BLANKETFLOWER* - Gallairdia aristataBLANKETFLOWER* - Gallairdia aristata
CARDINAL FLOWER - Lobelia cardinalisCARDINAL FLOWER - Lobelia cardinalis
CODONOPSIS (All Natural) - Codonopsis pilosulaCODONOPSIS (All Natural) - Codonopsis pilosula

DATURA INOXIA (Toloache) (All Natural) - Datura inoxiaDATURA INOXIA (Toloache) (All Natural) - Datura inoxia

DATURA METEL 'BLACK' (All Natural)(Not Available)DATURA METEL 'BLACK' (All Natural)(Not Available)

DATURA METEL (All Natural)DATURA METEL (All Natural)

DATURA STRAMONIUM (All Natural) - Datura stramonium (Jimson Weed, Angel's Trumpet)DATURA STRAMONIUM (All Natural) - Datura stramonium (Jimson Weed, Angel's Trumpet)

EDELWEISS (All Natural)- Leontopodium alpinumEDELWEISS (All Natural)- Leontopodium alpinum

EUPHORBIA, MOUNTAIN SNOW - Euphorbia marginataEUPHORBIA, MOUNTAIN SNOW - Euphorbia marginata

FIREWEED* - Chamerion angustifoliumFIREWEED* - Chamerion angustifolium
FOXGLOVE, GRECIAN (All Natural) - Digitalis lanataFOXGLOVE, GRECIAN (All Natural) - Digitalis lanata

FOXGLOVE, YELLOW (All Natural) - Digitalis luteaFOXGLOVE, YELLOW (All Natural) - Digitalis lutea

GARDENIA (ZHI ZI) - Gardenia jasminoidesGARDENIA (ZHI ZI) - Gardenia jasminoides
GAYFEATHER (All Natural) - Liatris spicataGAYFEATHER (All Natural) - Liatris spicata

GAZANIA (All Natural) - Gazania spp.GAZANIA (All Natural) - Gazania spp.

GODETIA, MIXED COLORS - Clarkia amoenaGODETIA, MIXED COLORS - Clarkia amoena
HIBISCUS, HARDY -Hibiscus moscheutosHIBISCUS, HARDY -Hibiscus moscheutos
HOLLYHOCK, BLACK (All Natural) - Alcea rosea nigraHOLLYHOCK, BLACK (All Natural) - Alcea rosea nigra

HOLLYHOCK, GIANT (All Natural) - Alcea ficifoliaHOLLYHOCK, GIANT (All Natural) - Alcea ficifolia

HORSEMINT (All Natural) - Monarda punctataHORSEMINT (All Natural) - Monarda punctata

INDIGO,  WHITE WILD (All Natural) - Baptisia leucanthaINDIGO, WHITE WILD (All Natural) - Baptisia leucantha

LAVENDER, YELLOW (All Natural) - Lavandula viridisLAVENDER, YELLOW (All Natural) - Lavandula viridis

LEOPARD LILY (All Natural) - Belamcanda chinensisLEOPARD LILY (All Natural) - Belamcanda chinensis

LIGULARIA, MIDNIGHT LADY (All Natural) - Ligularia dentata 'Midnight lady'LIGULARIA, MIDNIGHT LADY (All Natural) - Ligularia dentata 'Midnight lady'

LIGULARIA, PRZEWALKSKII - Ligularia przewalkskiiLIGULARIA, PRZEWALKSKII - Ligularia przewalkskii
LION'S EAR (All Natural) - Leonotis nepetifoliaLION'S EAR (All Natural) - Leonotis nepetifolia

LYCHNIS, WHITE ROBIN (All Natural) - Lychnis flos-cuculi 'White Robin'LYCHNIS, WHITE ROBIN (All Natural) - Lychnis flos-cuculi 'White Robin'

MALTESE CROSS (All Natural)  - Lychnis chalcedonicaMALTESE CROSS (All Natural) - Lychnis chalcedonica

MEADOW BLAZING STAR (All Natural) - Liatris ligulistylisMEADOW BLAZING STAR (All Natural) - Liatris ligulistylis

MORNING GLORY 'HEAVENLY BLUE' - Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue'MORNING GLORY 'HEAVENLY BLUE' - Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue'
NIGELLA, THE TRANSFORMER (All Natural) - Nigella orientalisNIGELLA, THE TRANSFORMER (All Natural) - Nigella orientalis
PAINTED TONGUE - Salpiglossis sinuataPAINTED TONGUE - Salpiglossis sinuata
PERILLA BRITTON (All Natural) - Perilla frutescens cv.PERILLA BRITTON (All Natural) - Perilla frutescens cv.

PERILLA PURPLE (All Natural) - Perilla frutescens 'purpurea'PERILLA PURPLE (All Natural) - Perilla frutescens 'purpurea'

PINCUSHION FLOWER, BLACK NIGHT (All Natural) - Scabiosa atropurpureaPINCUSHION FLOWER, BLACK NIGHT (All Natural) - Scabiosa atropurpurea
PRAIRIE BLAZING STAR - Liatris pycnostachyaPRAIRIE BLAZING STAR - Liatris pycnostachya
PRIMROSE, SPINNING EVENING (All Natural) - Oenothera sp.PRIMROSE, SPINNING EVENING (All Natural) - Oenothera sp.

QUEEN ANNE'S LACE (All Natural) - Daucus carotaQUEEN ANNE'S LACE (All Natural) - Daucus carota
SAFFLOWER, FALSE SAFFRON (All Natural) - Carthamus  tinctoriusSAFFLOWER, FALSE SAFFRON (All Natural) - Carthamus tinctorius
SAGE, FORSKAOHLEI (All Natural) - Salvia forskaohleiSAGE, FORSKAOHLEI (All Natural) - Salvia forskaohlei

SAGE, ROSE RHAPSODY (All Natural) - Salvia pratensisSAGE, ROSE RHAPSODY (All Natural) - Salvia pratensis

SAGE, SILVER CLARY - Salvia argentiaSAGE, SILVER CLARY - Salvia argentia
SALVIA BULLEYANA (All Natural) - Salvia bulleyannaSALVIA BULLEYANA (All Natural) - Salvia bulleyanna

SALVIA ROSENWEIN (All Natural) - Salvia nemorosa 'Rosenwein'SALVIA ROSENWEIN (All Natural) - Salvia nemorosa 'Rosenwein'


SUNFLOWERS (MIXED VARIETIES) 'Autumn Beauty' - Helianthus annuusSUNFLOWERS (MIXED VARIETIES) 'Autumn Beauty' - Helianthus annuus
SWEET PEAS (MIXED COLORS) (All Natural) - Lathyrus odorataSWEET PEAS (MIXED COLORS) (All Natural) - Lathyrus odorata

SWEET WILLIAM, MIXED COLORS - Dianthus barbatus (All Natural)SWEET WILLIAM, MIXED COLORS - Dianthus barbatus (All Natural)
VIPER'S BUGLOSS, RED or FALSE PINK LIATRIS (All Natural) - Echium russicum (rubrum)VIPER'S BUGLOSS, RED or FALSE PINK LIATRIS (All Natural) - Echium russicum (rubrum)

ZULU PRINCE or 'Monarch of the Veld (All Natural) - Venidium fastuosumZULU PRINCE or 'Monarch of the Veld (All Natural) - Venidium fastuosum