Herb Seeds (K - O)
LADY'S BEDSTRAW (All Natural) - Galium verumLADY'S BEDSTRAW (All Natural) - Galium verum

LADY'S MANTLE (All Natural) - Alchemilla vulgarisLADY'S MANTLE (All Natural) - Alchemilla vulgaris

LAMB'S EARS, WOOLY BETONY (All Natural) - Stachys byzantinaLAMB'S EARS, WOOLY BETONY (All Natural) - Stachys byzantina

LANDCRESS, VARIEGATED* - Barbarea vulgaris variegataLANDCRESS, VARIEGATED* - Barbarea vulgaris variegata
LAVENDER, ENGLISH (All Natural) - Lavandula angustifoliaLAVENDER, ENGLISH (All Natural) - Lavandula angustifolia

LAVENDER, HIDCOTE BLUE  - Lavandula angustifolia sp.LAVENDER, HIDCOTE BLUE - Lavandula angustifolia sp.
LAVENDER, LADY - Lavandula angustifolia sp. (NOT AVAILABLE)LAVENDER, LADY - Lavandula angustifolia sp. (NOT AVAILABLE)
LAVENDER, MIXED (All Natural) - Lavandula sp.LAVENDER, MIXED (All Natural) - Lavandula sp.

LAVENDER, MUNSTEAD (All Natural) - Lavandula angustifolia sp.LAVENDER, MUNSTEAD (All Natural) - Lavandula angustifolia sp.

LAVENDER, SPANISH (All Natural) - Lavendula stoechasLAVENDER, SPANISH (All Natural) - Lavendula stoechas

LAVENDER, SPIKE (All Natural) - Lavandula latifoliaLAVENDER, SPIKE (All Natural) - Lavandula latifolia

LAVENDER, YELLOW (All Natural) - Lavandula viridisLAVENDER, YELLOW (All Natural) - Lavandula viridis

LEMON BALM (All Natural) - Melissa officinalisLEMON BALM (All Natural) - Melissa officinalis

LEMON MINT (All Natural) - Monarda citriodoraLEMON MINT (All Natural) - Monarda citriodora

LEMONGRASS, EAST INDIAN - Cymbopogon flexuosusLEMONGRASS, EAST INDIAN - Cymbopogon flexuosus
LEOPARD LILY (All Natural) - Belamcanda chinensisLEOPARD LILY (All Natural) - Belamcanda chinensis

LICORICE* - Glycorrhiza glabraLICORICE* - Glycorrhiza glabra
LICORICE, CHINESE - Glycorrhiza uralensisLICORICE, CHINESE - Glycorrhiza uralensis
LION'S EAR (All Natural) - Leonotis nepetifoliaLION'S EAR (All Natural) - Leonotis nepetifolia

LOBELIA (All Natural) - Lobelia inflataLOBELIA (All Natural) - Lobelia inflata

LOBELIA, GREAT (All Natural)  - Lobelia siphilitucaLOBELIA, GREAT (All Natural) - Lobelia siphilituca

LOVAGE (All Natural) - Levisticum officinalisLOVAGE (All Natural) - Levisticum officinalis

LOVAGE, BLACK (All Natural) - (Alexanders) -Smyrnium olusatrumLOVAGE, BLACK (All Natural) - (Alexanders) -Smyrnium olusatrum

LUFFA (All Natural) - Luffa aegyptiataLUFFA (All Natural) - Luffa aegyptiata

MALTESE CROSS (All Natural)  - Lychnis chalcedonicaMALTESE CROSS (All Natural) - Lychnis chalcedonica

MANUKA - Leptospermum scopariumMANUKA - Leptospermum scoparium
MARIGOLD, LEMON - Tagetes tenufoliaMARIGOLD, LEMON - Tagetes tenufolia
MARIGOLD, MEXICAN (All Natural) - Tagetes minutaMARIGOLD, MEXICAN (All Natural) - Tagetes minuta

MARIGOLD, TANGERINE - Tagetes tenufoliaMARIGOLD, TANGERINE - Tagetes tenufolia
MARJORAM, COMMON (All Natural) - Origanum vulgareMARJORAM, COMMON (All Natural) - Origanum vulgare

MARJORAM, SWEET - Origanum marjoranaMARJORAM, SWEET - Origanum marjorana
MARSHMALLOW  (All Natural) - Althaea officinalisMARSHMALLOW (All Natural) - Althaea officinalis

MEADOW BLAZING STAR (All Natural) - Liatris ligulistylisMEADOW BLAZING STAR (All Natural) - Liatris ligulistylis

MEADOWSWEET (All Natural) - Filipendula vulgarisMEADOWSWEET (All Natural) - Filipendula vulgaris

MEADOWSWEET, 'QUEEN OF THE MEADOW' (All Natural) - Filipendula ulmariaMEADOWSWEET, 'QUEEN OF THE MEADOW' (All Natural) - Filipendula ulmaria
MEADOWSWEET, 'QUEEN OF THE PRAIRIE' (All Natural) - Filipendula rubraMEADOWSWEET, 'QUEEN OF THE PRAIRIE' (All Natural) - Filipendula rubra

MIGNONETTE (All Natural) - Reseda odorataMIGNONETTE (All Natural) - Reseda odorata

MILKWEED, COMMON (All Natural)  - Asclepias syriaca (SOLD OUT FOR 2019)MILKWEED, COMMON (All Natural) - Asclepias syriaca (SOLD OUT FOR 2019)

MILKWEED, SHOWY (All Natural) - Asclepias speciosaMILKWEED, SHOWY (All Natural) - Asclepias speciosa

MILKWEED, SWAMP (All Natural) - Asclepias incarnataMILKWEED, SWAMP (All Natural) - Asclepias incarnata
MINT, CORSICAN* (All Natural) - Mentha requienii (400 plus seeds)(SOLD OUT FOR 2019)MINT, CORSICAN* (All Natural) - Mentha requienii (400 plus seeds)(SOLD OUT FOR 2019)
MOLE PLANT (All Natural) - Euphorbia lathyrusMOLE PLANT (All Natural) - Euphorbia lathyrus
MONTANA WHITE SAGE* - Artemesia ludoviciana  MONTANA WHITE SAGE* - Artemesia ludoviciana

MORNING GLORY 'HEAVENLY BLUE' - Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue'MORNING GLORY 'HEAVENLY BLUE' - Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue'
MOTHERWORT (All Natural) - Leonurus cardiacaMOTHERWORT (All Natural) - Leonurus cardiaca

MOTHERWORT,  SIBERIAN (All Natural) - Leonurus sibiricusMOTHERWORT, SIBERIAN (All Natural) - Leonurus sibiricus

MOUNTAIN MINT (All Natural) - Pycnanthemum tenuifoliumMOUNTAIN MINT (All Natural) - Pycnanthemum tenuifolium

MUGWORT (All Natural) - Artemesia vulgarisMUGWORT (All Natural) - Artemesia vulgaris

MULLEIN (All Natural) - Verbascum thapsusMULLEIN (All Natural) - Verbascum thapsus

MULLEIN, PURPLE (All Natural) - Verbascum phoeniceumMULLEIN, PURPLE (All Natural) - Verbascum phoeniceum

MULLEIN, SILVER (All Natural) - Verbascum bombyciferumMULLEIN, SILVER (All Natural) - Verbascum bombyciferum

MUSTARD, BROWN (All Natural) - Brassica junceaMUSTARD, BROWN (All Natural) - Brassica juncea

MUSTARD, YELLOW (All Natural) - Brassica hirtaMUSTARD, YELLOW (All Natural) - Brassica hirta
NASTURTIUM* - Tropaeolum majus NASTURTIUM* - Tropaeolum majus
NASTURTIUM, ALASKA MIX - Tropaeolum majusNASTURTIUM, ALASKA MIX - Tropaeolum majus
NICOTIANA (All Natural) - Flowering TobaccoNICOTIANA (All Natural) - Flowering Tobacco

NIGELLA, SPANISH (All Natural) - Nigella hispanicaNIGELLA, SPANISH (All Natural) - Nigella hispanica
OREGANO, GREEK (All Natural) - Origanum hirtumOREGANO, GREEK (All Natural) - Origanum hirtum

OREGANO, ZAATAR - Origanum syriacumOREGANO, ZAATAR - Origanum syriacum
OREGON GRAPE, CASCADE (All Natural) - Berberis nervosaOREGON GRAPE, CASCADE (All Natural) - Berberis nervosa

OREGON GRAPE, TALL (All Natural) - Berberis aquifoliumOREGON GRAPE, TALL (All Natural) - Berberis aquifolium

ORNAMENTAL, OREGANOS, MIXED (All Natural)  - Origanum spp.ORNAMENTAL, OREGANOS, MIXED (All Natural) - Origanum spp.