Herb Seeds (T - Z)
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TANSY (All Natural) - Tanacetum vulgareTANSY (All Natural) - Tanacetum vulgare

TARRAGON, MEXICAN - Tagetes lucidaTARRAGON, MEXICAN - Tagetes lucida
THISTLE, BLESSED (All Natural) - Cnicus benidictusTHISTLE, BLESSED (All Natural) - Cnicus benidictus

THISTLE, MILK (All Natural) - Silybum mariaumTHISTLE, MILK (All Natural) - Silybum mariaum

THYME, CREEPING (All Natural) - Thymus serpyllum (Now Available!)THYME, CREEPING (All Natural) - Thymus serpyllum (Now Available!)

THYME, CREEPING MIXED VARIETIES (All Natural) - Thymus sp. (Now Available!)THYME, CREEPING MIXED VARIETIES (All Natural) - Thymus sp. (Now Available!)

THYME, CULINARY* - Thymus vulgareTHYME, CULINARY* - Thymus vulgare

THYME, FRENCH - Thymus vulgaris (Organically Grown)THYME, FRENCH - Thymus vulgaris (Organically Grown)

THYME, MOTHER OF (Wild Thyme) - Thymus serpyllumTHYME, MOTHER OF (Wild Thyme) - Thymus serpyllum
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THYME, SPANISH - Thymus zygisTHYME, SPANISH - Thymus zygis
TOBACCO, SYLVESTRIS (All Natural) - Nicotiana sylvestrisTOBACCO, SYLVESTRIS (All Natural) - Nicotiana sylvestris

TOBACCO, VIRGINIA SMOKING (All Natural) - Nicotiana tabacumTOBACCO, VIRGINIA SMOKING (All Natural) - Nicotiana tabacum

TOBACCO, WILD (All Natural) - Nicotiana rusticaTOBACCO, WILD (All Natural) - Nicotiana rustica

VALERIAN (All Natural) - Valeriana officinalisVALERIAN (All Natural) - Valeriana officinalis

VANILLA GRASS - Anthoxanthum odoratumVANILLA GRASS - Anthoxanthum odoratum
VERBENA BONARIENSIS (All Natural) - Verbena bonariensisVERBENA BONARIENSIS (All Natural) - Verbena bonariensis

VERVAIN (All Natural) - Verbena officinalisVERVAIN (All Natural) - Verbena officinalis

VERVAIN,  BLUE (All Natural) - Verbena hastataVERVAIN, BLUE (All Natural) - Verbena hastata

WATERCRESS (All Natural) - Nasturtium officinalisWATERCRESS (All Natural) - Nasturtium officinalis

WELD (All Natural) - Reseda luteolaWELD (All Natural) - Reseda luteola

WOAD (All Natural) - Isatis tinctoriaWOAD (All Natural) - Isatis tinctoria

WOLFBERRY, CHINESE (All Natural) - Lycium barbarumWOLFBERRY, CHINESE (All Natural) - Lycium barbarum

WOOD BETONY (All Natural) - Stachys officinalisWOOD BETONY (All Natural) - Stachys officinalis
WOODRUFF, DYER'S (All Natural) - Asperula tinctoria (SOLD OUT)WOODRUFF, DYER'S (All Natural) - Asperula tinctoria (SOLD OUT)

WORMWOOD (Sweet Annie) (All Natural)  - Artemesia annuaWORMWOOD (Sweet Annie) (All Natural) - Artemesia annua
WORMWOOD* - Artemesia absinthiumWORMWOOD* - Artemesia absinthium
YARROW (All Natural) - Achillea millefoliumYARROW (All Natural) - Achillea millefolium
YELLOW DOCK (All Natural) - Rumex crispusYELLOW DOCK (All Natural) - Rumex crispus