Microgreens and Salad Mixes
Sprout Your Own Microgreens, Salad Mixes,
and Edible Flower Garnishes!
  Now there is something even smaller and tastier than baby spinach – microgreens! Microgreens are whole plants of vegetables or herbs that are harvested at around a week, when they have only sprouted their first leaves. 
  Microgreens pack a flavor punch and new studies suggest they have a nutritional wallop as well. They are high in vitamins C and E and beta carotene as well as other phytochemicals in higher levels than the mature leaves of the plant. And, if you can’t keep up with your microgreens, they'll grow up into tasty salad fixings in their own right.

ALLSTAR GOURMET LETTUCE MIX (SOLD OUT)ALLSTAR GOURMET LETTUCE MIX (SOLD OUT)Red Oakleaf, Green Oakleaf, Red Romaine, Green Romaine, Lollo Rossa, and Red Leaf Letuces.
ENCORE LETTUCE MIX*ENCORE LETTUCE MIX*Mix of Bib Lettuce, Green Romaine, Red Romaine, Green Oakleaf, Red Oakleaf and Lolla Rossa Leaf Lettuce.
ELEGANCE GREENS MIXELEGANCE GREENS MIXIncludes Pac Choi, Red Mustard, Mizuna, and Leaf Broccoli.
OVATION GREENS MIX (Organically Grown)OVATION GREENS MIX (Organically Grown)Red Mustard, Misuna, Tatsoi, Kale and Arugula combines spcy and mild flavors to this mix.
PREMIUM GREENS MIXPREMIUM GREENS MIXGreen Mustard, Chinese Cabbage, Pac Choi, and Tatsoi combine the widest range of color, texture and flavors
MILD MICRO MIX (Organically Grown)MILD MICRO MIX (Organically Grown)A mild flavored mix of brassicas with Mizuna, Cabbage, Kale and Kohlrabi.
SPICY MICRO MIXSPICY MICRO MIXBlended spicy red and green mustards with a wide range of colors and various textures. 
RED CHOIRED CHOIAn excellent flavored micro green with dark green leaves with maroon veins
DARK PURPLE MIZUNA, 'MIZ AMERICA'DARK PURPLE MIZUNA, 'MIZ AMERICA'Deeply toothed leaves from dark purple to tinged on the edges. Use for texture and mild mustard flavor.
RED GIANT MUSTARD GREENS (Organically Grown)RED GIANT MUSTARD GREENS (Organically Grown)A popular "red" mustard from Japan with a mild flavor and large, purple tinted leaves.
SCARLET FRILLS MUSTARD GREENSSCARLET FRILLS MUSTARD GREENSThese super ruffled, deeply cut dark red leaves and spicy flavor will stand out in your salad mix.
RED KOMATSUNARED KOMATSUNAA beautiful addition to salad mixes with dark maroon leaves and green undersides.
Herbal Additions
  Take your salads up a notch with these herbal additions. Add color, spice and extra vitamins and minerals.
ARUGULA (ROCKET) (All Natural) - Eruca vesicaria sativaARUGULA (ROCKET) (All Natural) - Eruca vesicaria sativa
BASIL, AMETHYST - Ocimum basilicumBASIL, AMETHYST - Ocimum basilicum
BASIL, BAJA (All Natural) - O. basilicumBASIL, BAJA (All Natural) - O. basilicum
BASIL, BUSH  - O. basilicumBASIL, BUSH - O. basilicum
BASIL, CINNAMON  -  O. basilicum 'Cinnamon'BASIL, CINNAMON - O. basilicum 'Cinnamon'
BASIL, GENOVESE (Organically Grown) - O. basilicumBASIL, GENOVESE (Organically Grown) - O. basilicum
BASIL, LEMON (Organically Grown) - O. basilicum citrodorumBASIL, LEMON (Organically Grown) - O. basilicum citrodorum
BASIL, LIME (Organically Grown) - O. americanumBASIL, LIME (Organically Grown) - O. americanum
BASIL, MINETTE - O. basilicum BASIL, MINETTE - O. basilicum
BASIL, QUEENETTE - Ocimum basilicumBASIL, QUEENETTE - Ocimum basilicum
BASIL, RED RUBIN  - O. basilicum  (Organically Grown)BASIL, RED RUBIN - O. basilicum (Organically Grown)
BASIL, SIAM  QUEEN THAI- O. basilicum sp.BASIL, SIAM QUEEN THAI- O. basilicum sp.
BASIL, SPICY GLOBE  (All Natural) - O. basilicum minimum (Organically Grown)BASIL, SPICY GLOBE (All Natural) - O. basilicum minimum (Organically Grown)

BASIL, SWEET (Organically Grown) - Ocimum basilicumBASIL, SWEET (Organically Grown) - Ocimum basilicum
BASIL, THAI - Ocimum basilicumBASIL, THAI - Ocimum basilicum
BURNET, SALAD (All Natural) - Sanguisobia minorBURNET, SALAD (All Natural) - Sanguisobia minor

CILANTRO or CORIANDER (All Natural) - Coriandrum sativumCILANTRO or CORIANDER (All Natural) - Coriandrum sativum

CILANTRO, DELFINO (All Natural) - Coriandrum sativumCILANTRO, DELFINO (All Natural) - Coriandrum sativum

CILANTRO, SLOW BOLT (Organically Grown) - Coriandrum sativum sp.CILANTRO, SLOW BOLT (Organically Grown) - Coriandrum sativum sp.

DANDELION, FRENCH - Taraxacum officinale sativumDANDELION, FRENCH - Taraxacum officinale sativum
DILL (All Natural) - Anethum graveolensDILL (All Natural) - Anethum graveolens

DILL, DIANA - Anethum graveolensDILL, DIANA - Anethum graveolens
DILL, DUKAT (Organically Grown) - A. graveolens spDILL, DUKAT (Organically Grown) - A. graveolens sp

DILL, FERNLEAF -  A. graveolens sp.(SOLD OUT)DILL, FERNLEAF -  A. graveolens sp.(SOLD OUT)
DILL, INDIAN (All Natural) - Anethum sowaDILL, INDIAN (All Natural) - Anethum sowa
FENNEL, BRONZE (All Natural) - Foeniculum vulgare nigraFENNEL, BRONZE (All Natural) - Foeniculum vulgare nigra

FENNEL, FLORENCE (All Natural) - Foeniculum vulgare var. azoricum (Organically Grown)FENNEL, FLORENCE (All Natural) - Foeniculum vulgare var. azoricum (Organically Grown)

FENNEL, SWEET (All Natural)  - Foeniculum vulgare 'dulce'FENNEL, SWEET (All Natural) - Foeniculum vulgare 'dulce'

GOOD KING HENRY (All Natural) - Chenopodium 'bonus henricus'GOOD KING HENRY (All Natural) - Chenopodium 'bonus henricus'

LANDCRESS, VARIEGATED* - Barbarea vulgaris variegataLANDCRESS, VARIEGATED* - Barbarea vulgaris variegata
MUSTARD, BROWN (All Natural) - Brassica junceaMUSTARD, BROWN (All Natural) - Brassica juncea

MUSTARD, YELLOW (All Natural) - Brassica hirtaMUSTARD, YELLOW (All Natural) - Brassica hirta
PURSLANE, GREEN (All Natural) - Portulaca oleracaPURSLANE, GREEN (All Natural) - Portulaca oleraca

SORREL, FRENCH (All Natural) - Rumex acetosaSORREL, FRENCH (All Natural) - Rumex acetosa

SORREL, RED VEINED (All Natural) - Rumex sanguineusSORREL, RED VEINED (All Natural) - Rumex sanguineus

SORREL, SHEEP (All Natural) - Rumex acetosellaSORREL, SHEEP (All Natural) - Rumex acetosella

WATERCRESS (All Natural) - Nasturtium officinalisWATERCRESS (All Natural) - Nasturtium officinalis

Edible Flowers

    Take your salads up even another notch with edible flower garnishes.