Mother's Day Art in the Garden
Welcome to our 
Mother's Day Art and Music Celebration! 
We hope this page will give you a little insight into our 'Art in the Garden' event, an awesome place to spend Mother's Day weekend!
Tyee Wine Cellars provides their fine wine.
Hungry visitors await some herbal delights.
Chris Estes playing to the folks.
Our food booth and happy workers.
Chayag playing his Andean music.
Benches overflowing with organic herbs.
Visitors enjoying the day.
Ancient Ways Marimba creating awesome sounds.
Our nursery sales shelter.
Checking out our lavender selection.
The festival grounds.
More of the artist's area.
Creating a hanging basket for mom.
Strolling through the herb gardens.
Beatrice Rubenfeld painting on the porch.
Beatrice and her wall of art.
David Trummel Artisan Blacksmith heating iron.
Hammering red hot iron into final shape.
Jan Bullock creates incredible pine needle art.
One of her creations.
Cheka is amazing with glass and copper.
Welding Wizardry by Dan McKenzie.
Darrel Shults fires beautiful Raku pottery.
Douglas Harland with terracotta garden art.
Lorraine Karassik's homemade felt hats etc.
Peter Karassik hand carves spoons from local woods.
Very custom bird house by Leon McAllister.
Merne Wilson handmade herbal soaps.
The Merrits - stained glass to bird feeders.
Kathy McAllister does etched stone work.
Our Gallery of Artists
These are some of the great artists participating in this years 'Art and Music Festival'.

Pam Hough

I paint because it is my way of being. It is not just something I do. It is something I am. It is the way I see, the way I feel, the movement within me.
I usually work in oils, though I also like to play with pencils, colored or graphite. My style is realistic. Sometimes photorealistic, yet with interpretation. I love to tell a story with a painting. I am drawn to the subtleties of texture, and am often discovering new ways to reproduce it with paint. I am fascinated by reflections; my painting is often about reflection. Every puddle I see captures my attention! I love the challenge of rendering water in its endless movements and color. I love the challenge of seeing unexpected color in the everyday things. Most landscapes are local, and I hope a viewer will say, I have seen that place -- but not quite like that! I also paint figures and occasionally still life, but with a twist. I have been painting for about 10 years. I also work at Corvallis Clinic in Corvallis, Oregon, as a Certified Hand Therapist. So my hands are always busy.

Darrell Shultz

Darrel Shults was born in San Jose, California in 1952. His first artistic inspiration came from a high school art instructor who was describing a sculpture he had seen in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. This motivated Darrel to try to evoke that same emotional response in others. The "Summer of Love" found him gravitating to artisans as friends. They introduced Darrel to many varied art styles in which to express his visions. The next few years found him working in various medias including lapidary, jewelry, collage, photography, stained glass and clay. When Darrel returned to college to study accounting he worked as an assistant in the ceramics department to fund his schooling. Upon leaving school he went to work for Del Webb's "SAHARA", a casino in Reno. While in Reno he came down with Menieres Disease. Being unable to work for anyone any more Darrel longs to express himself in his artwork. Gravitating once again to his favorite media, playing in the mud, he now has his own studio in Alsea, Oregon.

Gemstome Creations

Angie Gallagher lives and works in Corvallis, Oregon. She began designing jewelry in 1989. She works with sterling and gold-fill wire, leather and silk cord, precious and semi-precious stones, art glass, shell, pearls, and more. She sells her jewelry throughout the Pacific Northwest through craft fairs, fund-raisers, and home shows. She will do custom and special order projects. A minimum of 10% of the proceeds from her sales is donated to hunger charities. She will donate 25% of the proceeds from a fund-raiser to the host's preferred cause. Peace!

Dan Wizard

Growing up on a small farm, I was intrigued by my Dad's oxy-acetylene welder, especially when he wasn't around. I retired in 2006 from a professional career focused on environmental research where I combined ecology, statistics, and computers. Since then I've explored my passion for turning recycled metal into landscape and garden art structures. My pieces are very organically based, lot of curves and natural shapes, often with a whimsical feeling. I love creating useable, functional objects that attract the eye, imagination and that often provoke a tactile response, i.e. reaching out to touch and feel. Creating a special personalize piece, (a garden gate, trellis, or just for fun piece) in collaboration with a client with a space, concept and surrounding setting is especially enjoyable. I have always lived in the NW (my g-g-grandfather lead a wagon train over the Oregon trail), currently living in Corvallis, enjoying retirement, and Welding Wizardry.

Mary Marvin

I was raised in Salem and have lived all my life in Oregon. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I have always enjoyed art, but didn't get serious about it until three years ago when I took some art classes with my daughter through Portland Community College. I like using pastels because I feel I am more in touch with the medium. A brush seems to get in my way, and I can't use my hand to blend colors like I can with pastels. In addition to art, I take fiddle lessons (Celtic is my favorite, although I have learned some "old-time" pieces as well).

Cheka Simonton

I make what I call window jewels. On my cards I write " When crystals are hung in windows they bring prosperity and good energies into your home" I moved to Tidewater over two years ago and live on the river. I have been in several art shows around the area and my biggest brag is I have my work in the River Run Gallery up the McKenzie river. He's a very well know metal artist and if you'd like to see his work check

Jan Bullock

Jan weaves intricate baskets from Ponderosa Pine Needles.

To see more of Jan's artwork Click Here

Mountain Jewel Alpacas

We are Sherm and Cindy Whitlock. We have raised 2 great boys and are looking forward to the time we can retire from our chosen careers, Sherm in the electrical utility field for 30 years+ and Cindy in health care for 26 years. We very much enjoy the country lifestyle and caring for our herd of alpacas. Beyond that, we've had the pleasure to meet many, many new friends along our path! What can be better than that! We've been involved in raising and breeding alpacas for over 5 years now. We've learned much in those 5 years! The clothing, textiles, and accessories that can be made from alpaca fiber are limited only by your imagination. The beauty and comfort of alpaca clothing is unsurpassed.