Growing Hops In. . .

Louisville, KY
2011 is my first year for growing hops. I am located near Louisville KY which is at the 38th parallel. I planted five types of hops, Northern Brewer, Hallertauer, Centennial, Zeus and Mount Hood. The weather has been colder and wetter than normal and this has slowed the hops growth . We had record breaking floods and my hoop patch became a river for 3 days. This dented the growth who knows what was in all that run off. I thought about moving the plants but I have lived here 20 years and this has never happened before and it was the worst flood in 100 years. Once the plants grow more I will mound up around them to improve drainage.
The weather finally broke around May 8th and the hoops took off. All are over 2 feet tall except the centennial which is growing bushyer. I have put stakes up for now and the vines are growing up. I will keep a close look for pest also I marked the plants and made a map of the hop type and there location. I have had problems with tags fading and getting blown away so I store the maps on my computer and a hard copy in a folder. - Thanks Lee
Northern Kentucky
I just received my shipment of hop rhizomes and I'm responding to the note included asking for feedback on results.

I'm in Northern Kentucky (the very tip, about 20 min south of Cincinnati OH) and last year I planted Nugget, Magnum, Crystal, Williamette, Cascade, Sterling and Chinook. Of them, Nugget, Crystal, Cascade, and Chinook did well. Magnum did produce, but poorly, and Sterling and Williamette simply stopped growing after getting about 2 feet off the ground (they didn't die, they simply stopped growing - Williamette even tried to flower). I had multiples of each variety and results were consistent within all varieties.

I'm looking forward to planting these Zeus, (more) Cascade and Fuggle as replacements to the varieties that didn't do so well. I'll try and remember to send updates at the end of the season.

And by the way, these rhizomes are beautiful and healthy looking!

I ordered some hop rhizomes from another source and they came with a piece of paper saying that they came from you!! I planted them less than a week ago and the Perle has shown it self and seems to be taking off and the Hallertauer has just poked out today!! I've attached a photo of the Perle! Thought you might like to see that the Rhizome from your farm has made it to Missouri and as of now is still alive and doing well!! Thanks again.

    Best Regards,

More Missouri...
Good morning,
Just wanted to let you know how these rhizomes did here in Missouri.
The cascade did great its first year.  Got quite a few hops out of it.
The northern Brewer grew well just no fruit this year.  Guess next year will be better.
Enjoyed them very much!
Thank you,

Chattanooga, TN
This spring I planted the rhizomes (willamette, centennial, and pride of ringwood) I had purchased from you on a south eastern facing hill in downtown Chattanooga, TN. Once they came up, I pruned them down to one vine, to try to help establish the root system. Each vine grew about 5', trellised up to a second story porch via a twine pulley system (to lower the lines to pick in years come). No blooms, but I wasn't expecting any. So far, equal growth on all the vines, with no signs of disease.

Thanks! And I'll send another update next year (year 2) on their progress. - Elizabeth

East, TN
    My rhizomes made it on 3-26-12. Iv'e got 4 sets planted. 1 set about 30 miles from where I live at my parents house. The rest I'm planting here at home. I live at 1650 ft above sea level,the away set is about 850 ft > sea level. I wanted to see if it makes a difference in growth. different soil, weather and elevation. I'm thinking about planting more sets in other areas of east Tenn. I do brew but i didn't buy hops just for brewing, more of a hobby, experiment and for fun. The hops iv'e planted here are at least 150 to 250 yards apart from each it necessary to keep them separated and if so, how much? If you are interested i will send you an update later this year. thank you very much. 

...all the rhizomes looked good. - Tod