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In response to the current standards for social distancing, we are offering a new service for our customers...
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Last date for ORDERS: JUNE 23

Due to the variable nature of our schedule at this time, deliveries will vary depending on availablility. We will work with you on a good "thyme" for your plants to arrive.

Orders include a free 2020 seed catalog. $10 delivery fee, $35 minimum.

New! We have set up a pick up area at the end of our driveway. You can now preorder/pay and pick your plants up!
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Please find an approximate list of available plants below.
These are subject to availability and we ask that you include some substitutions if possible. 

1. Place your order including varieties and quantities.

2. We will pull your herbs and call you with any questions we have and get your payment information.

Due to workforce limitations, plant orders may take some time for processing. 

Include delivery instructions and substitutes in your order.

We're only growing the minimum this year to avoid waste!

Assorted Culinary Herbs

The selection of herbs that are ready for delivery will change as the season goes on.
Plants are in 4-inch pots and are $3.75/ea unless otherwise marked.

African Blue Basil
Basil, Available May 15: Amethyst, Cardinal (Thai), Genovese, Sweet, Thai, Siam Queen Thai, Sacred/Tulsi
Bay Tree $9/ea
Chives: Common, Mauve Garlic, Oriental Garlic
Cilantro: Slowbolt, Delfino
Coriander, Vietnamese
Fennel: Sweet, Bronze
Good Kind Henry
Lemongrass: East Indian (thin leaves), West Indian (most commonly used in cuisine) $5.25/ea
Lemon Verbena $5.25/ea
Mint: Chocolate, Black Stemmed, Spearmint, Shelley's Spearmint (great for Mojitos!), Applemint, Wooly Applemint, Variegated Pineapple
Oregano, Culinary: Kaltera, Hot & Spicy, Italian, Zaatar
Oregano, Decorative: O. Calceratum (good for rock walls/trailing), Barbara Tingey, Kent Beauty (Great for hanging baskets, rock walls)
Parsley: Italian
Perilla: Purple or Britton
Savory: Lemon, Winter
Tarragon: French & Mexican
Thyme: English, Compactus, German Winter, Golden Lemon

Culinary Thyme Varieties: Compactus (tight growth, a good evergreen), Golden Lemon, Tropicana (developed at The Thyme Garden!), German Winter Culinary Thyme, English
Creeping Varieties: Wooly, Red Creeping, Elfin (the smallest leaves EVER!), Snow White (hardy, creeping variety with white flowers), Lemon Caraway

French: Variegated French, Gray French, Goodwin Creek (a very unique variety with wooly, serrated edged foliage)
English Varieties the classic lavender you use for potpouri/oil/cooking: Grosso, Provence, Wycoff, Spike, Dutch Mill (compact growth), Munstead, Seal's 7 Oaks, Bowles Early, Grappenhall, Baby Blue, Lullingstone, Super, Silverfrost
Spanish Varieties: Spanish, Yellow Flowering, Ivory Crown, Blue Star (customer favorite, stunning dark purple flowers), Kew Red, Silver Frost,. Royal Purple, Betty's Blue, Wooly, Silver Edged

Culinary Rosemary: Common, Salem, Herb Cottage (Emily's Favorite!), Benedene Blue (amazing blue flowers!), Blue Spires
Unique and Decorative: White flowering, Pink Flowering, Shimmering Stars, Hulka  (grows up to 7 feet), Mt. Vernon
Semi-upright Rosemary: Severn Seas, Irene
Trailing Rosemary: Nye Beach

Culinary: Culinary (medium width leaves), Bergarten (wide leaves, extra hardy), Tri-Color
Decorative: Pineapple (scented), Salvia Discolor, Salvia Ringens, Silver Clary
Medicinal: Cleveland, White ($5.25/ea)

Grow a little yum for garnishing your culinary creations!

Agastache - Apricot Sprite
Bachelor's Buttons
Nasturtium: Jewel Mix (flowers are red, orange, yellow and white), Empress of India (flowers are scarlet, leaves are maroon-tinged), Alaska Mix (varigated leaves, mixed flower colors)
Scarlet Runner Beans

Plants are in 4-inch pots and are $3.75/ea unless otherwise marked.

Angelica Bai Zhi
Basil - Tulsi/Sacred
Beebalm (Bergamot), Monarda didyma
Calamus, Mormon Tea ( a good one for low/damp areas, loves water!)
Catnip, Nepeta cataria or Lemon Catnip
Chamomile: German (annual), Roman (perennial)
Echinacea: Angustifolia, Purpurea, Paradoxa, Pallida, Tennessee Coneflower
Eucalyptus: Blue Gum, Silver Dollar
Goldenrod: Tall or Dwarf
Goji Berry, Chinese Wolfberry
Good King Henry
Great Burdock
Horehound: Wooly or White
Hyssop: officinalis, Anise, Purple Giant
Lemon Balm
Meadowsweet Ulmaria or Vulgaris
Mullien: Verbascum Thapsus, Polar Summer (silver leaves), or Purple
Pink Balloon Flower
Plantain, Narrow or Broadleaf
Self Heal
Skullcap: Mad Dog
St. John’s Wort
Stinging Nettle
Sweetgrass $5.25/ea
Tibetan Gentian
Toothache Herb, Spilanthes
Yarrow, Common

This selection of hot peppers is one of our hobby projects. The spice is medicinal, and we love to stuff them with cheese when they're fresh, freeze them for salsa, and pickle them for enjoyment all winter!

Anaheim - Use to make chile rellenos
Ancho - Mild chile often used for sauces in Mexico.
Biquinho - Pickle these "little beak peppers," they are a must for your brewer's board, great on pizza!
Black Hungarian Hot Pepper - The prettiest pepper, gorgeous black stems & purple flowers, black fruit.
DeArbol - Cayenne type hot pepper, with fruit that grows upright on the bush, making it decorative as well.
Ghost - Dangerously hot! Only for the daring.
Habañero: Chocolate, Habañero: the unique habaño flavor you just can't replicate.
Paprika - grows really well around here, fun to dry and grind for fresh paprika in your kitchen!
Pasilla- Used for Mole sauce
Serrano - Tiny and pretty hot, use fresh in salsa or pickle and add to Phö. So good.

Scented Geranium Varieties: Almond, Apricot, Frensham Lemon, Ginger, Mabel Gray Lemon, Lime
Decorative Geranium Varieties: African Bell, Brown's Butterfly, Japanese Maple Leaf, Variegated Oakleaf (mint scented)

Our wide selection of plants includes these exotic flowers, pollinator favorites, and plants for dyes and fiber. 

Chocolate Cosmos
Curry Plant (a wonderful aroma of curry, not edible)
Dianthus (carnation like flowers)
Dyer's Woodruff
Fibre Flax
Foxglove, digitalis purpurea (B) or Yellow, Digitalis lutea (P)
Golden Marguerite
Hollyhock, Black or Giant
Jupiter’s Beard, Red or White
Maltese Cross
Meadow Blazing Star
Mexican Heather
Prairie Blazing Star
Sedum: Autumn Beauty
Hens & Chicks: assorted colors/leaf sizes
Silver Licorice
Verbena bonariensis
Viper’s Bugloss
Decorative 6-packs: Compact Marigolds, Dwarf Snapdragon, Allysum, or Lobelia, $5/ea

Grow these in your garden all summer, harvest as they bloom, and dry them to enjoy all winter...and for years to come. We are always amazed at the powerful colors these flowers keep after picked and dried.

A lot of these selections are by request only, so be sure to order them now so we can grow them for you! The will be ready for planting in early June.

Eryngium, Sea Holly
Eryngium, Blue Star
Kent Beauty Oregano
Statice, Sea Lavender
Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Many more available by preorder. Go to our seed collection to view options

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