Order plants for pick up or local delivery

Live plants for local pick up or delivery
In 2020 as the pandemic hit we had to think fast and come up with a way of helping our customers get their herb starts without contributing to the spread of COVID-19. We set up online ordering and were so happy with the success we are bringing it back in 2021.

Minimum order: $35
Delivery fee:$10, free with orders over $100.
Delivery range: Philomath/Corvallis area, up to 30 miles from The Thyme Garden.
Pick up option: arrange for a time to pick up your order with us when we confirm with you. Nursery is open Thursday-Tuesday, 11-4. We will also be at the Corvallis Saturday Farmers' Market

Market Dates: April 17, 24, May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, June 5, 12

Step 1: Browse the plants available below.
Step 2: Use the order form to select your plants.
Step 3: Receive a confirmation call from us. We will collect payment information and set up a pick up/delivery date.
Step 4: Pick up your plants and have a beautiful spring!

We recommend 'hardening off' your plants for 3-5 days before planting. Set them in a sheltered area outside, like under a porch or table, for that time to allow them to adjust to night time temperatures.

We grow our starts in OMRI-certified soil from Lane Forest Supply in Eugene, OR. Our seeds are grown here on our property where we have grown and harvested them for the last 30 years, or they are certified organic from the growers we trust.
We use gentle, non-systemic pest controls when necessary and believe in growing healthy plants to fend off pests.

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Culinary Herbs by Live Plant
Cilantro: Delfino, Slowbolt
Chives: Mauve Garlic, Oriental Garlic, Chive
Dill: Goldkrone, Mammoth
Parsley: Italian, Curly

Decorative, Fiber and Dye by Live Plant

Edible Flowers by Live Plant
Bachelor's Buttons
Marigold: Lemon or Tangerine
Nasturtium: Jewel Mix, Empress of India (ting of burgundy in foliage, scarlet flowers), Alaska mix (jewel flowers, variegated foliage)

Many Everlasting Flowers are annuals, and are commonly planted in late May/early June when temperatures warm.
Plants marked with an (L) will be ready for pick up around that time. 

Geraniums by Live Plant


Lavender by Live Plant

English (varieties with long narrow spikes of flowers, grown for essential oils, rich scent)
Spanish (dry, desert scent, pineapple shapped flowers on long stems, often interesting foliage)

Medicinal Herbs by Live Plant
Bergamot/Bee Balm

Rosemary by Live Plant
Creeping/Low growing:

Sage by Live Plant
Culinary: Bergarten, Salvia officinalis, Tri-Color Sage
Decorative: Pineapple

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