Snap Shots
Fish trap in our stream by ODF&W Catching young salmon/stealhead for study.
Wedding Hillside Garden. The Hillside Garden in August
The Wedding Balcony. Use your decorative imagination and make it unique to your wedding. A closer look at the Gazebo. Great for music during your ceremony.
The main Garden looking toward the Medicinal Garden. August The main Garden looking toward the Culinary Garden. August
Echinacea in foreground, looking toward Edible Flower Garden. August Archways entering Medicinal Garden looking toward The Textile Garden.
The Sunken Shade Garden. A closer look at the waterfalls and the stream.
Flower Art on Our Cheese Spreads Coriander Honey Butter
Sage Cream Cheese Island Camping for the Newlyweds
Photos in the Garden Hillside Wedding
Beatrice Blesses Bethany and Jeff A Ceremony Surrounded by Nature
Colorful Wedding at Upper Area Smoking the Dance Floor