BALLOON FLOWER, PINK (All Natural) - Platycodon grandiflora
BALLOON FLOWER, PINK (All Natural) - Platycodon grandiflora
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 Pink Balloon Flower Seed
 Platycodon grandiflora

Plant Type: Perennial
Height at Maturity: 3'
Growing Conditions: Full Sun
USDA Hardiness Zone: 4-9

Description and Uses: Produces beautiful pale pink balloon-shaped flowers that open to look like lilies. Young leaves are good in salads. The roots are used in treating coughs, sore throats and bronchitis.

Seed Germinating Tips: Start indoors to regulate moisture, temperature and light. Barely cover seeds with soil, spray with water, and cover to retain moisture. Transplant outdoors after true leaves have formed. Harden off plants in a sheltered location for one week to reduce shock.

Packets contain at least 50 seeds.