CASHMERE Hops Rhizome - alpha 6.9-10% (Conventional)(SOLD OUT!)
CASHMERE Hops Rhizome - alpha 6.9-10% (Conventional)(SOLD OUT!)
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Cashmere Hop Rhizome

This dual purpose hop released by Washington State University in 2013 is a unique cross between the popular Cascade hop and Northern Brewer. It passes along the citrus lemon-lime flavor and aroma of Cascade as well as tropical fruits like coconut, melon and spices. Because of its higher alpha acid and low cohumulone, it adds a smooth bitterness to the brew.

Used to brew: Pale Ales & IPAs, Saisons, Wild Ales, American Blonde, American Amber
  • Alpha acid: 6.9-10%

  • Beta acids: 3.7-7%

  • Co-humulone: 22-24%

  • Myrcene: 39-42% total oil

  • Farnesene: <1% total oil

  • Humulene: 26-29% total oil