CLUSTER Hops Rhizome - alpha 5.5 - 8.5% (Conventional)
CLUSTER Hops Rhizome - alpha 5.5 - 8.5% (Conventional)
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Cluster Hop Rhizome

Cluster has the reputation of being the oldest cultivated hop in the United States having traveled here with the early settlers from Europe and now having a renewed interest by craft brewers and microbreweries. In the early 20th century Cluster dominated the commercial production of hops with 96% of the total acreage in the US. In 1986 Oregon alone produced 28% of the total acreage of hops grown in this country. The aromas and bitterness profiles are paired in a way to make this a dual purpose hop. More often used in heavier beers like Porters and Ales it can also be used in light Ales. The aromas and flavor are described as floral, earthy and  having a touch of mango. The bitterness is described as smooth and neutral. The must-have hop to recreate traditional American Style Lagers. Excellent storage stability. 

Used to Brew: Stouts, Porters and Light and Dark Lagers

Diseases: Good resistance to disease. Susceptible to Downy Mildew

  • Alpha acid: 5.5-8.5%
  • Beta acids: 4-6%
  • Co-humulone: 36-42%
  • Myrcene: 38-55% total oil
  • Farnesene: 0-1% total oil
  • Humulene: 15-20% total oil