MULTIHEAD Neomexicana Hops Rhizome - alpha 4- 6% (Certified Organic)(SOLD OUT)
MULTIHEAD Neomexicana Hops Rhizome - alpha 4- 6% (Certified Organic)(SOLD OUT)
Multihead Hops Rhizome
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Certified Organic Multihead Neomexicana Hop Rhizome

Multihead Hops, also known as “Medusa Hops”, is a variety of neomexicanus which is a subspecies of Humulus lupulus. Neomexicanus is a true wild American hop native to North America’s southwest. Over a period of millions of years it has adapted to a hot, dry climate which makes it perfect for homebrewers in states like Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California, Texas and Colorado to grow their own hops. It gets its name for the unique habit of producing cones with split heads, hence “Medusa” from Greek mythology of the maiden with multi headed snakes for hair. Another difference from other hops is the spacing of the internodes on the bine where the cones are produced. They are a third the distance apart than other hops which gives them the potential to produce more cones.
Multihead is a low level alpha hop so not as useful for bittering but comes through in unique flavors and aromas described as intense citrus, melon, guava and apricot or peaches. This is definitely a variety in a class of its own that is quickly catching on for its unusual characteristics in both growth and brewing.

Used to brew:  IPAs to Pale & Cream Ales

  • Alpha acid: 4.5-4.8%
  • Beta acids: 5.5-5.8%
  • Co-humulone: 45%
  • Myrcene: 48% total oil
  • Farnesene: 2.24% total oilo-humalone
  • Humulene: 18.11% total oil