STERLING ROOTED RHIZOME - alpha 6-9% (Certified Organic)(SOLD OUT!)
STERLING ROOTED RHIZOME - alpha 6-9% (Certified Organic)(SOLD OUT!)
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Sterling Hops Rooted Rhizome

OurCertified Organic Rooted Rhizomes are two-year hop plants all naturally grown without the use of pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. They have produced crowns full of buds ready to produce healthy bines plus vigorous root systems. The standard rhizome cutting is the typical way to start a new hops plant but it doesn't have a crown and a root system, that is created the second year. These All Natural Rooted Rhizomes give you a great head start towards harvesting that crop of hop cones you'll be looking forward to.

Saaz Hybrid, suitable for replacing Saaz hops in brewery blends with its combined floral, citrus and spicy aroma. Much higher yield potential than Saaz hops. Aroma and oil composition very similar to Saaz. American dual-purpose finishing hop released in 1998. Very good yield.

Used For: Ale, Pilsner, Lager alpha 6-9%