COMET ROOTED RHIZOME - alpha 8-10.5% (Certified Organic)(SOLD OUT!)
COMET ROOTED RHIZOME - alpha 8-10.5% (Certified Organic)(SOLD OUT!)
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Certified Organic Comet Rooted Hop Rhizome

   Our organic Rooted Rhizomes are two-year hop plants organically grown without the use of pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. They have produced crowns full of buds ready to produce healthy bines plus vigorous root systems. The standard rhizome cutting is the typical way to start a new hops plant but it doesn't have a crown and a root system, that is created the second year. These Certified Organic Rooted Rhizomes give you a great head start towards harvesting that crop of hop cones you'll be looking forward too.

   Comet was selected in 1961 for its high alpha acid content and excellent bittering qualities. Released in 1974 by the USDA, it was grown commercially up until the early 1980's to fill the need for high alpha hops but was replaced by the newer super-alpha varieties and commercial production more or less disappeared. 
   It's "wild American" aroma characteristic comes from Comet's parentage cross of English Sunshine and a native American hop. That and its solid grapefruit and citrus aroma has created a new interest in this cultivar as a dual purpose hop for craft brewers, some calling it "Citra's little sister".

   Used to brew: American-style lagers or as a dry hop in ales and IPA's.

   Resistant to verticillium wilt but can be susceptible to downy mildew.

Alpha Acid 8 - 10.5%
Beta Acid 4 - 5%
Co-humulone 34 - 37%
Myrcene 40 - 55% of total oil
Humulene 1 - 2% of total oil