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Kent Golding XL Hop Rhizome

This is the extra large version of our regular Kent Golding hop rhizomes (and we mean XL!! These are whoppers!) The premier English hop, with a lineage going back to 1790. Sometimes these are even isolated by the area, e.g., East Kent Goldings often considered the best. Can be used for bittering British ales as well as finishing and aroma. This hop is sometimes also called Canterbury Golding, named after the town in the Kent region of England. Some people in the hop trade think that Canterbury Golding is different from Kent Golding, but chemically and in brewing, they are identical. This hop has grown well in Oregon since its introduction in 1994, producing yields substantially higher than those found in England. Microbrewers and Craft brewers in the US are the major customers of Kent Golding.

Maturity: Early
Storage: 65 to 80%
Aroma: pleasant continental aroma properties; highly regarded in England
Uses: bittering, flavouring, and aroma (dry hopping too) in Pale ales, Bitters, Stouts, Porters.
Substitutions: Fuggle, Willamette