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(P/2')(FS) Z3-9 Also known as Purple Coneflower. Roots are harvested and dried in fall for medicinal purposes and crowns replanted. A very attractive large flower with purplish-pink rays on long, sturdy stems. Good cut flower. The ray flowers of E.angustifolia are mostly spreading rather than drooping. Leaves are narrow or lance-shaped and lack teeth along the edges. Dried cones are great in arrangements and crafts. We sell this as a bulk dried herb as well.
Bareroots are mailed in March or as soon as weather permits and can be stored in a refrigerator or planted outdoors as soon as soil has warmed.

Growing instructions: Plant bareroot medicinal perennials upright so that the crown (the part with a bud, opposite the roots) is in inch or so below the soil level. Water them in. If planting in spring, you should start to see growth in a week or two. If planting in fall, they will stay dormant until conditions are right in the spring. 

If you are unable to plant to bareroots right away, refrigerate them and keep them moist or plant in pots. 

Never freeze bareroots.

Bareroots begin shipping in March.