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(P/3'-4')(FS/PS) Z3-10 Echinacea purpurea is the easiest of the echinaceas to cultivate, with large pinkish-purple flowers, having the typical drooping flower rays. Ours begin to bloom in June and have abundant flowers for months. The leaves are somewhat oval, tapering to a sharp point, the edges are slightly toothed. Echinacea is very important medicinally as a blood purifier and an effective antibiotic, as well as a stimulant to the body's immune system. We also highly recommend E. purpurea for the butterfly garden; our's attracts an incredible amount of butterflies. We sell this as a dried bulk herb as well. 

Growing instructions: Plant bareroot medicinal perennials upright so that the crown (the part with a bud, opposite the roots) is in inch or so below the soil level. Water them in. If planting in spring, you should start to see growth in a week or two. If planting in fall, they will stay dormant until conditions are right in the spring. 

If you are unable to plant to bareroots right away, refrigerate them and keep them moist or plant in pots. 

Never freeze bareroots.

Bareroots begin shipping in March.