MUGWORT, JAPANESE - Artemesia princeps
MUGWORT, JAPANESE - Artemesia princeps
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Japanese or Korean Mugwort 'Yomogi'

Artemesia princeps

Plant Type: Perennial
Height at Maturity: 42-48”
Growing Conditions: Full Sun or Part Shade
Description and Uses: Artemesia princeps is one of the species of mugwort used to make moxa for Moxibustion, a traditional medical practice in many Asian countries. It is also used in Japanese and Korean cuisine. A detoxifying tea is made with the leaves. 

If left unchecked, Japanese Mugwort can spread aggressively through stolons, so we suggest growing it in a container. Makes a nice soft green background plant. 
Seed Germinating Tips: We recommend starting seeds indoors to regulate temperature, moisture and light. Barely cover seed with fine soil and cover with plastic wrap to keep moist. Transplant outdoors once true leaves have formed. Harden off plants in a sleltered location for one week to reduce tranplant shock.

Approximately 50 seeds per packet.