NEW ZEALAND BURR, BRONZE - Acaena microphylla
NEW ZEALAND BURR, BRONZE - Acaena microphylla
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Bronze New Zealand Burr
Acaena microphylla

Plant Type: Perennial
Height at Maturity: 2-4"
Growing Conditions: Full Sun or Part Shade


Description and Uses: New Zealand Burrs are easy-to-grow alpine plants. This species forms a silvery-bronze mat of lacy foliage, bearing spiky burrs that start out green and mature into a copper-bronze in summer months. At just a few inches tall, New Zealand Burr makes a nice choice  between flagstones, as an edging or lawn substitute, or in rock gardens.

Grows well in dry soils. Fairly drought tolerant. Evergreen in mild winter regions. May be clipped back in early spring. Easily divided in early fall or spring. Spreads readily. 
Seed Germinating Tips: Plant outdoors in spring after danger of frost, or indoors 6 weeks before last frost. Cover seed 1/8” with fine soil, pressing firmly. Keep moist. 

Approximately 50 seeds per packet.