STEVIA - Stevia rebaudiana (Organically Grown)
STEVIA - Stevia rebaudiana (Organically Grown)
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Organic Stevia Seed
Stevia rebaudiana

Plant Type: Tender Perennial
Height at Maturity: 12-18"
Growing Conditions: Full Sun
Hardy in Zones 9-11
Description and Uses: Also known as Sugarleaf, Stevia is an amazing natural sweetener. Leaves can be added fresh or dried to teas as an herbal alternative to sugar. Keep pinching back flowers to encourage leaf production. 

We also sell stevia powder in bulk to use in cooking. 
Seed Germinating Tips: Plant outdoors in spring after danger of frost, or indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost date in your growing zone. Barely cover seed with fine soil.

~ 25 seeds per pack