PAINTED TONGUE - Salpiglossis sinuata
PAINTED TONGUE - Salpiglossis sinuata
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Painted Tongue (All-Natural)
Salpiglossis sinuata

Plant Type: Annual
Height at Maturity: 2-3'
Growing Conditions: Full Sun
Description and Uses: Painted Tongue makes a great cut flower with its unique pattern of dark veining in trumpet shaped blooms in a wide variety of colors ranging from purple to red to yellow - sometimes on the same plant! Plant in clumps for the most impact. 
Seed Germinating Tips: Plant outdoors in spring after danger of frost. Cover with cardboard as this seed requires darkness to germinate. Check for moisture levels periodically. Once seeds have germinated, typically in 1-2 weeks, remove cardboard. Seeds can also be planted indoors 10-12 weeks before last frost date in your growing zone. Start in pots, barely covering seed with fine soil.  Thin plants once they are around 4 inches tall. Pinching the tops off at this point will encourage bushier growth habit.