Edible Flower Collection
Edible Flower Collection
Nasturtiums blooms in a wide array of colors and have a peppery flavor.Bachelor's Buttons, or Cornflower, has bright blue to lavender flowers that are beautiful on salads.Also called Edible Chrysanthemum, Shungiku delicious tender leaves like spinach and bicolor petals that are great for garnishing.In traditional medicine Borage is a nerve tonic. It has a sweet, cucumber flavor and can be used in many culinary dishes.Chives have a wonderful, mild onion flavor. So good in spreads and dressings!Heartsease has a flavor reminiscent of sweetheart candies, and they can also be candied!The possibilities are quite colorful when you add edible flowers to your garden!
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Includes six seed packets of easy to start, fun to use edible flowers!
Add a rainbow of color to your cuisine!
This group of plants make a lovely addition of edible flowers to the summer garden and are easy to grow and fun to use.
Place Heartsease and Nasturtium along the edges for a colorful border while Chives can make up the middle  along with taller growing Borage and Shungiku.
We have found that if you don’t fertilize when you plant nasturtium you will see blooms sooner.
All six plants are very attractive to pollinators and will bring colorful life to your garden.
Each variety is individually packed and contains at least 25 seeds.

Includes Seeds, Growing Tips and History of Uses for:
Bachelor Buttons (aka Cornflower), Borage, Heartsease, Shungiku, Nasturtiums & Chives