Enjoy Our Wide Selection of Herbal Products
 You will receive a complimentary seed packet with every order! Plus another $3.50 seed packet of your choice if your order exceeds $25.00 (not including shipping and handling.) Just enter the bonus code: 10598 in the promotional code box on your order form, then select a seed packet of your choice ($3.50 value) and it will automatically be deducted at checkout.
 Enjoy our selection of culinary,
medicinal, & decorative herbs.
 Grow something beautiful 
you can enjoy for years!
Spice up your garden with
our wide selection of peppers.
Our collection of selected
varieties to add pizzazz!
Hop Rhizomes
 For shade and privacy 
and brewing your own beer!
Hop Cones
Get brewing - or make yourself hop tea or a hop pillow.
Items for the budding gardener & healing for the whole family.
Available all year...
Perfect handmade gifts!
Invigorate your meals with our
herbal blends and cookbook.
Dried Herbs
 For medicinal, ethnobotanical 
& culinary recipes.
Treat yourself to a wonderful
cup of herbal yumminess!
Herbal Honey
Herbal honey from our
Thyme Garden bees.
Sprout your own microgreens, herbal salad mixes, and flowers.
Get a start on a specialty garden
with one of our collections. 
Herbal Cookbook
Get started on More Good
Thymes in Your Kitchen!
Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are great gifts for your herb loving friends.
Beneficial insects and sticky
cards for fighting bad buggers.
Heating Coils 
Just what you need for faster 
and better germination. 
Great looking labels
for the small-scale farm
Kombucha Scoby
Start brewing your own health tonic - just add tea and sugar!