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Sweet Violet
Viola odorata

Plant Type: Perennial
Height at Maturity: 6”
Growing Conditions: Full Sun or Part Shade

Description and Uses: Viola odorata is a sweet scented plant with dark violet flowers. They are a source of perfume and can be candied to decorate any dessert.

Seed Germinating Tips: Needs cold stratification to germinate.

Approximately 50 seeds per packet.

How to Make Candied Flowers

•Beat 1 egg white until slightly frothy
•With a soft brush paint the flower with egg white. 
•Sprinkle all surfaces, top and bottom, with superfine granulated sugar. Color can be added with a couple drops of food coloring.
•Place on waxed paper to dry for 2 days.
•Store in an airtight container between layers of waxed paper. They should keep 4-6 months. 
* Consuming raw or undercooked egg products may increase your risk of foodborne illness.