About Our Seeds
What You Get from Thyme Garden Seeds
   We have one of the most extensive collections of herbs seeds in the country. Most of them are grown on our farm in Alsea, Oregon using earth friendly methods. We do not use commercial pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, and use alternative options instead.
 Although our seeds are not certified organic, we use sustainable, Earth-centric growing practices and have successfully done so since our beginnings in 1990.  We treat our plants like they are part of our family - feeding them good food and clean water and enjoying their company. We attract birds to our gardens to control insects. Sometimes if needed we add praying mantis, lady bugs or predator mites to tip the balance in favor of the good guys. We also raise bees to ensure better pollination, which makes for better germination of our seeds - and also great Herb Flower Honey which we also have for sale!
   The seeds grown at The Thyme Garden are hand harvested after we patiently wait for them to be perfectly ripe. Then we only harvest the premier of the crop. Since we aren't going for bulk amounts (we only sell packets of seeds, not large quantities) we can settle for only the very best. Our seeds are then meticulously separated by weight discarding the lightweight inferior ones and saving only the seeds with plump, well developed embryos ready to spring forth their next generation.
 Seeds marked with "All Natural" are grown with 'Earth Friendly Methods', which includes hand-harvested wildcrafted native varieties. Unmarked seeds come from outside suppliers. That is not to say the others aren't grown using sustainable techniques way  since we choose like-minded suppliers first, but we do not always know for sure how these seeds from outside sources have been produced.
  Each seed packet contains a generous amount of seed unless otherwise noted and will have growing instructions inside.