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Pretty Posies

Plant flowers for beautiful bouquets all season!

Not necessarily herbs, but fun plants to grow to add some pizzazz to your garden and flower arrangements- including the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds!
Spring Bloomers

Early spring seem to highlight the lighter colors. We've found our bouquets showcase shades of pale pink, yellow and lavender.

Recommended plantings: White Robin Lychnis, Woad, Sweet Rocket, Nigella, Sweet William, Chive, Wooly Betony, Wormwood, Meadowsweet

Mid-Summer Mavens

As summer gets underway, the colors brighten and these beautiful blooms will step onto center stage.

Ligularia Midnight Lady, Ligularia Przewalskii, Woodland Sage, Painted Tongue,  Fairy Wands, Zulu Prince, Black Pincushion Scabiosa, Blue Star Eryngium, Mountain Snow Euphorbia, Echinacea sp., Cupid's Dart, Liatris sp.

Late Season Showstoppers

Late summer and fall may be our favorite time for bouquets. The colors are off the charts!

Chief Mix Celosia, Pampas Celosia, Cleome, Calliopsis, Lemon Mint, Hardy Hibiscus, Oriental Garlic Chive, Sunflowers, Zinnia, Fleabane,  Bells of Ireland

All Summer Sensations

These flowers are pretty much unstoppable and will keep your vases full all season!

Blanketflower, Calendula, Red Viper's Bugloss, Gazania, Goldenrod, Amaranth Love Lies Bleeding, Amaranth Hopi Red Dye,  Red Jupiter's Beard, White Jupiter's Beard, Statice, Strawflower, Gomphrena

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