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Expect the best!

Quality Guarantee

We hand pack each order with love!

The Thyme Garden is proud to offer the best quality herb seeds and hops rhizomes on the market and we stand behind our product, but we can not accept returns on items that have been shipped out.
Our seeds are hand harvested at the peak of ripeness, cured and cleaned using methods we have developed over 30 decades of practice. 

Growing Practices:

The seeds and hop rhizomes produced at The Thyme Garden Herb Company are grown all naturally; open pollinated and NOT genetically modified. We enrich our soil with organic compost instead of commercial fertilizers. This gives our plants a wider range of nutrients that help them fight off disease and pests. By avoiding insecticides we save the predator insects that help to keep the unwanted insects in control. Our seeds are hand harvested and cleaned. Each step of the way is a chance to make sure we harvest the ripest seeds as well as clean and save only the most fertile. By raising bees we also insure better pollination and more viable seeds. An added benefit from farming free of synthetic pesticides and herbicides is our delicious honey collected from our herbal flowers! Keeping our 80 acres free of toxic chemicals also helps to keep our two streams healthier for the fish and our forests and fields a better place for the birds and other flora and fauna.

Seeds Guarantee:

Seeds are germination tested before shipping and include detailed sprouting techniques. Due to the nature of some varieties, we can not guaranteed that every herb we offer will be able to flourish in your climate. Please don't hesitate to ask if you would like more information about how to grow our herbs successfully.


Specific growing instructions are included in each packet of seeds. Some varieties we offer are by their very nature difficult to germinate, so we are always experimenting to discover their secrets.  Packets contain at least 50 seeds, unless otherwise noted. Your order will include a FREE seed packet of our choice. 

Hops Guarantee:

The Thyme Garden is proud to offer the best quality hops rhizomes on the market and we stand behind our product!

We personally inspect and select each rhizome before we send it to guarantee that every one we ship is healthy, vigorous and has at least two healthy growth nodes and arrive in good condition.  Each node will have two or more healthy buds ready to produce new hops bines. If you have any concerns when your order arrives, please call 541-487-8671 and we will answer your questions. You can also look at our hops information page, which details care, disease and pests common in hops.

Hops Returns:

Because of the fragile nature of a living rhizome we cannot accept returns on hops orders. We will gladly replace hops that arrive damaged provided we are notified WITHIN 3 DAYS of arrival. If your rhizomes fail to sprout after planting, replacements will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to have happy and successful customers and we promise to work with you to make that happen.

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