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Wholesale Hops

We offer wholesale pricing on select varieties!



Wholesale rhizomes are offered at $3.60/each for orders of 100-999. Additional discounts apply for larger orders. To get wholesale prices, your order must be for at least 25 of each variety you select for a total of 100 rhizomes or more. Shipping on wholesale orders is the USPS Large Box Flat Rate per 100 rhizomes. Shipping on larger orders will be calculated at the time they are ordered. 

We hand select each wholesale rhizome to insure that two premium growth rings are present. We can guarantee our hops are the highest quality available. Not sure how many to order? Check out our How to Plant Hops page for tips on spacing and growing.

We are glad to take wholesale orders over the phone, at 541-487-8671

Wholesale varieties

Cascade Hops

Very successful and well-established American aroma hop developed by Oregon State University's breeding program in 1956 from Fuggle and Serebrianker (a Russian variety), but not released for cultivation until 1972. Gives the distinct citrus/grapefruit aroma to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. One of the "Three Cs" along with Centennial and Columbus. Named for the Cascade Range.

alpha 4-6%

Chinook Hops

American cross between Petham Golding and a USDA-selected male. Slightly spicy and very piney. Produces a good yield of medium to long wing tipped cones. Late harvest with a high alpha and Cascade-like aroma. alpha 12%

Comet Hops

Comet was selected in 1961 for its high alpha acid content and excellent bittering qualities. Released in 1974 by the USDA, it was grown commercially up until the early 1980's to fill the need for high alpha hops but was replaced by the newer super-alpha varieties and commercial production more or less disappeared. It's "wild American" aroma characteristic comes from Comet's parentage cross of English Sunshine and a native American hop. That and its solid grapefruit and citrus aroma has created a new interest in this cultivar as a dual purpose hop for craft brewers, some calling it "Citra's little sister". Used to Brew: American-style lagers or as a dry hop in ales and IPA's. Resistant to verticillium wilt but can be susceptible to downy mildew. alpha 8 - 10.5%


A spicy, citrusy, super-high alpha bittering hop from the Pacific Northwest aka Yakima Magnum, bred in 1980 at Huell, the German Hop Research Institute from the American variety Galena and the German male 75/5/3. Resistant to diseases. Used For: All Ales and Lagers. alpha 12-17%


Cluster has the reputation of being the oldest cultivated hop in the United States having traveled here with the early settlers from Europe and now having a renewed interest by craft brewers and microbreweries. In the early 20th century Cluster dominated the commercial production of hops with 96% of the total acreage in the US. In 1986 Oregon alone produced 28% of the total acreage of hops grown in this country. The aromas and bitterness profiles are paired in a way to make this a dual purpose hop. More often used in heavier beers like Porters and Ales it can also be used in light Ales. The aromas and flavor are described as floral, earthy and having a touch of mango. The bitterness is described as smooth and neutral. The must-have hop to recreate traditional American Style Lagers. Excellent storage stability.

Diseases: Good resistance to disease. Susceptible to Downy Mildew

Used to Brew: Stouts, Porters and Light and Dark Lagers

Alpha acid: 5.5-8.5%

Beta acids: 4-6%

Co-humulone: 36-42%

Myrcene: 38-55% total oil

Farnesene: 0-1% total oil

Humulene: 15-20% total oil

Centennial Hops 

American aroma-type variety bred in 1974 and released in 1990. Similar to Cascade and Chinook. One of the "Three Cs" along with Cascade and Columbus.

alpha 8-11%


An American aromatic, high-alpha dual purpose hop. Clean bittering and pungent aroma. Along with Cascade and Centennial, Columbus AKA Zeus and Tomahawk is one of the Three C's probably the most commonly used group of hops in the country.

alpha 15%


Tetraploid Hallertauer Mittelfrueh cross made at the USDA-OSU Experimental Hop Farm in Corvallis Oregon. Pleasant Hallertauer aroma. Verticillium wilt resistant. Matures medium late to late. Vigorous grower. Beer Styles: Pilsners, Other Light Lagers, Light American Ales.


Primarily a bittering hop it is often considered a dual-purpose hop with it high alpha content and pleasant herbal spice aroma with a hint of peach and pear. Bred from Brewer's Gold hops and released in 1982 from USDA Hop Research Facility in Corvallis, Oregon, Nugget has become widely popular as a vigorous grower and a high yielding hop. Recommended for trellises and arbors to provide shade and privacy. Used For: Ales, Stouts. alpha 11-14%

We bought hops from you last year.  We are commercially growing hops in Georgia.

We purchased Cascade and Zeus rhizomes from you, they did awesome. Some of our first year Zeus grew to be twenty-five feet tall.

Mike Barber, Yorkville Hops, Georgia

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