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Three Generations of Herb Enthusiasts

Thyme Garden founders Rolfe and Janet Hagen could hardly have guessed when they set out on this journey that it would lead them to where it has today—with 600+ different types of herbs and hops available for purchase online and at the nursery, plants and products at the local farmers' markets, retail establishments, and events April - August annually, plus a busy wedding and luncheon season in the summer months, and grandchildren just learning how to run the tractor.

Through the decades since The Thyme Garden began, there is a common thread that has kept them going. The desire to share this idyllic property they have cultivated into something of a botanical heaven, to awaken in visitors the love and respect they feel toward the earth and living creatures, to make even one more person put caring for our environment before other more mundane priorities, that is what keeps them going and refills their font after the busy season. 

Well, that and 5 weeks in Mexico! But seriously, folks.

The Thyme Garden is built on a foundation of taking only what is needed and leaving things better than we found them. You can witness this in our daily operations, in the recycled brown paper bags we use over and over for seed collection, the organic soil we use for growing our plants, and our habit of doing everything we can by hand including weeding our 3 acres of cultivated gardens.

We hope that you will join us in this fight to save our Earth for future generations, to leave it better than we found it, and to walk lightly while we are here.

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