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Dyer's Herb CollectionDyer's Herb Collection

Creating a more colorful world through homegrown and hand made dye is a wonderful experience. We've selected our top dye plants that are easiest to grow, the simplest to work with, and provide a wide range of colors.  

Everlasting Herbs CollectionEverlasting Herbs Collection

Everlasting flowers are a fascinating and rewarding variety of plants to grow. They offer their beauty beyond the experience of one growing season, into the winter, after the other flowers have faded and died.

Healing Garden Herbs CollectionHealing Garden Herbs Collection

Because of the renewed interest in healing through traditional herbal medicine, many people are adding a medicinal section to their garden. This is a selection of easy to grow medicinal herbs.

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 Certified Organic, Naturally Grown, open pollinated, non-gmo herb seeds for the home herb garden or commercial grower. To us "All Natural" means chemical free, grown without the use of harmful chemicals, fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides. Browse our exciting collection of herb seeds, from Adonis to Zulu for everything you need to grow your own herbs for cooking, healing, and crafting. 
  Each packet contains a generous amount of seed with the exception of very rare seed which will be marked with the number of seeds per pack. Specific growing instructions are included in each packet of seeds. Some varieties we offer are by their very nature difficult to germinate, so we are always experimenting to discover their secret as it is important to us that you are successful. 
 Varieties labeled "Organically Grown" are "Certified Organic Seeds". Varieties followed by "All Natural" are herb seeds we know are grown using sustainable practices. We grow all our herb seeds at The Thyme Garden in this way. Due to climate limitations there are some herb varieties in our collection that do not produce herb seed at The Thyme Garden, but we feel are valuable to offer. When we add these seeds to our collection from other sources, we purchase organically grown herb seeds whenever possible. For more information, click here.
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Packets contain a generous amount of seeds, unless otherwise noted.

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