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Thank you for a great season!

We are now finished shipping hops. Look for pre-orders online in August or September. Orders will be filled in the order they were received, so jumping on the preorders is a great way to make sure you get the varieties you want.

Growing Hops Around the Country

One FAQ we get is, "Which hop rhizomes will do best where I live?" Even though my wife and I traveled through most of the states back in the sixties in our hippie van I don't remember enough about the growing conditions of every state to help me make those recommendations. Actually, we had things other than hops on our minds at the time. So we send a request along with our thousands of hop orders every year and ask our customers to share their experiences with growing hops in their region.

We've compiled the responses over the last 10 years and are happy to share them with you.

Hops doing Gangbusters!

I wanted to update you with how my hops are doing. And that is - like gangbusters! All three varieties have thick, robust vines that are climbing at a great rate. I've had so much growth that I've been able to enjoy cooking the secondary shoots as "spring asparagus" twice now. I hope my success inspires others to try growing hops. The second year is shaping up to be very exciting!

- Paul,  from Jonesboro Arkansas

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