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Growing all natural Non-GMO, open pollinated herb seeds and 
organic hop rhizomes to start hop plants since 1989. 
All Natural herb seeds and hop rhizomes are grown without the use of environmentally  harmful chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.   Herbal Salves,  Balms and Soaps produced from The Thyme Garden are made from all naturally grown herbs.
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The Thyme Garden

 Our family business thanks you for choosing us!  The Thyme Garden Herb Company is an eclectic, earth friendly family business working with nature to provide all naturally grown herb seeds and herb plants, along with bulk dried herbs, herb teas, herb seasonings, hop rhizomes, herbal honey, herbal cookbook, and much more. We are driven by our passion to add more to the environment than we take. Our beautiful display gardens offer visitors an opportunity to experience over 750 varieties of useful herb plants from all around the world as well as providing a source for our naturally grown herb seeds and herb plants. We not only grow all natural herb seeds and herb plants we have been cooking with herbs since our restaurant days in the 1980s. To share our experiences we have created a food blog called More Good Thymes in the Kitchen Check it out! We have also created a DVD "Thyme in the Garden" a walk around our paradise. To watch its trailer click here.

   All naturally grown Creeping Thyme Seed, Corsican Mint Seed and Mixed Creeping Thyme Seed make awesome herbal ground covers spilling over rocks or between pavers in walkways. The Creeping Thyme Seed we offer produces the lowest growing Creeping Thyme on the market, creating a tight mat only 1/2" tall or less! Other companies only offer Creeping Thyme Seed for thyme that grows 3 - 6" high, making it way too tall for walkways. Our Mixed Creeping Thyme Seed, harvested from all our lowest growing varieties, gives you a wide range of flower color, fragrance, leaf color and texture. Each packet contains approximately 400 - 500 seeds.

Creeping Thyme
Corsican Mint
Mixed Creeping Thyme

  The Thyme Garden Herb Company reaches far beyond an herb seed company. Our special events and garden tours with an herbal luncheon are dedicated to bringing people back to nature, and educating them of the importance of sustainability, living in harmony with nature and a deeper concern for all life on this planet with the threat of global warming. In our effort to leave our space better than when we came we are continually improving wildlife habitat on our 80 acres through our salmon recovery projects on our streams and improving wildlife habitat on the land.
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The Thyme Garden
20546 Alsea Hwy.
Alsea OR. 97324

 April 15th through May 31st:

Nursery Open 11am to 4pm Daily

June 1st through August 15th:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday 

Nursery Open 11am to 4pm

Closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for luncheons by reservation.

Internet and phone orders  - all year long.